Monday, November 13, 2017


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The new director Tam Wai Ching directed, Carina Lau Ka Ling produced for the first time and starred IN YOUR DREAMS (YI CHING CHUN DIK MING YI) with Ng Siu Hin, Tse Kwan Ho, Stephen Tung Wai, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Tina Lau Tin Lan was the second First Feature Film Initiative winner and the 2017 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival opening and competition film. The word of mouth has been good.

The second trailer has been unveiled. It opened with Ng Siu Hin making his feeling know to Lau Ka Ling, but received a merciless slap from her in return. Was this relationship only in Hin Jai's mind? Actually during the shoot of this slap, both were very professional. They communicated first and for realism did not hold back. Director Tam Wai Ching for the best result shot this slap ten times! Although Hin Jai received ten slaps, he still said, "No problem, instead after so many slaps Sister Ka King's hand might have hurt more than me!" The trailer also had many swimming pool svcenes, including Ka Ling and Hin Jai's first encounter. The all wet Ka Ling exchanged stares with Hin Jai and unknowingly took his heart captive.

In another scene Ka Ling and Hin Jai danced by the pool. The team asked veteran dance instructor Tony Ho Wa Chiu to rehearse with them. Ka Ling said, "This dance scene was very important to the entire film. The director was very anxious and asked a dance instructor to choreograph and rehearse with us. I recorded it to practice at home. The shoot because of the rehearsals went very smooth and was pretty fun too!" Hin Jai said that he did not have any dance background, so before the shoot he made even more time to catch up with practice. The result was unexpectedly good as he was praised for having a knack for dancing.

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