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The Jackie Chan starred Emperor Motion Picture is based on the famous Japanese novel THE MIRACLES OF THE NAMIYA GENERAL STORE. He would play the old man who ran the store. He joked that the director and the art director studied his father's photo. After make up he too felt that he really looked like Papa.

The film would officially be released in the Mainland on December 29th. In the original novel the old man was the soul character who connected the entire story. In the stills the white haired Jackie Chan would read the newspaper in the general store, reply to letters and gently pat a kitten.

Having played many heroic characters, Big Brother Jackie Chan this time changed his image to play the old man. Jackie Chan said that the old man opened an unknown general store. By chance someone sent a letter to his mailbox so he began to answer people's questions. Later he was afraid that whether he would truly be able to help those people. "Actually he provided others with a chance to talk. He was an alternative chicken soup for the soul. People who received help actually already had the answer inside them. The old man just made them feel more certain about their own answers."

Jackie Chan was too busy to read the novel so he only heard the story from the producer. Because they have worked together on many films and he trusted his judgment, after hearing the story he liked the character. He also said that he had no suggestion for the old man's appearance because the director and the art director did all their homework. He heard that they studied his Papa's photo, but after the make up he really looked like Papa. Why did he take this role? He said, "I rarely make this type of heart warming films because I haven't run into a good script. As for playing an elderly, I never resist that. I play old people in KING OF KUNG FU, THE KARATE KID and THE FOREIGNER. As an actor, I feel that I am willing to try any character."

As for his expectation of the film, Jackie Chan stated that he hoped that the audience would like and accept it. He even believed that people in life would run into hardship and setback, but they must face them with positivity and never give up of their dreams.

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