Thursday, November 2, 2017


Candy Law plays a modeling agency boss
King Chiu appears with his wife DaDa Lo and child
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The Wong Cho Lam film company released new film NGAN JIK DONG BO (FACE VALUE STORE OPERATION) two nights ago held a production start ceremony. Candy Law Lam attended and revealed that in the film she would have to kiss a Mainland young fresh meat and joked that the company benefit her a lot. However because she has not met him yet before the scene and she has never taken the initiative, she was very nervous. She even brought mouth wash and chewing gum to maintain oral hygiene. She said, "I told the director no tongue! I remember my first kiss scene was with (Kelvin) Kwan Chor Yiu. He was quite the gentleman. We communicated before hand. My first on kiss scene went to him." She said that in real life she was very conservative and the guy would take the initiative. Before the movie she deliberated watched foreign films online to learn, but she believed that before the shoot she would have to drink for courage to get over her mental obstacle and let everything go directly.

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