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Dayo Wong's "Occupy Central" comparison to a mother in law and daughter in law dispute earns him applause from the audience
Dayo Wong teaches the audience of 10,000 to feel a chill down their spines
Ronald Cheng and Sammie Yu look cool in black
Michael Tse plays bodyguard to his wife Tina
Eason Chan looks forward to Dayo Wong's performance
Joe Cheung wears black and a yellow ribbon to make his stance known
Francis Ng comes to support his friend Dayo Wong
Jazz Lam's cafe business has been affected but he has no complaint
Christine Ng, Anita Yuen, Julian Cheung, Calvin Choy and his wife are Dayo Wong fans
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah's stand up comedy show NOT CRAZY, NOT NORMAL opened last night at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Among the cheers of thousands he demonstrated his "Tze Wah God" charm on the stage as he appeared in black and white. As soon as he opened his mouth he talked about "Occupy Central". He wonderfully discussed the China Hong Kong relationship. Before 1997 the Mainland and Hong Kong were mother and son, now they have turned into a mother in law daughter in law dispute. He said, "When Ma kidnaps son, who pays the ransom?" He also "felt the chill down the spine" with over ten thousand viewers and said that Hong Kong was poisoned!

Wong Tze Wah appeared among cheers, as soon as he opened his mouth he said, "How can you so happy at this time, to even be in the mood to hear someone tell jokes? What kind of people are you? Those who aren't in the mood can leave first through the exits." The audience screamed "refund" in response. He said that "refund" was already out and taught everyone to "breath in a breath of cold air in reverse" (feel a chill down the spine), saying that he has never had over ten thousand people feel a chill down their spines at the same time.

He said that Hong Kong seemed to be poisoned. When a teacher outright cursed, the entire city felt many chills down their spines. When he made the television series BOUNTY LADY to cheer up everyone, the entire city boycotted the station. Hong Kong had problems. Then the subject turned to Occupy Central. He said that in 1997 the Mainland and Hong Kong's relationship was mother and son, which now has turned into mother in law daughter in law relationship. Hong Kong's problem became a mother in law daughter in law dispute "When Ma kidnaps son, who pays the ransom?" He said that the son loves both Ma and wifey. Someone suggested to give money for the mother and the wife to live together, but sooner or later they would turn against each other. The wife complains about the tyranny of the mother in law, the mother in law complains about her daughter in law crying to people in English and American supermarkets. The mother in law says that daughter in law thinks the house is too empty, so she asked more relatives to move in. Yet the daughter in law says that the relatives are bugs, the bugs grow in number and even relieve themselves in the alley. The daughter in law also complains about the mother in law turns all the furniture in the entire home into rosewood, but she only wants Red A (plastic).

Tze Wah then describes universal suffrage with being in charge and being in charge of the lift, saying that the mother in law refusing to promise to put the daughter in law in charge and only allowing her to be in charge of the lift. The daughter in law wants to be in charge and come and go freely. However the mother in law only puts her in charge of the lift, only allowing her to go up and down. He asked the audience if they would turn down being in charge of the lift or would they take charge for now? Then he screamed, "No more talk, Occupy Kitchen!" He also said that when the mother in law and the daughter in law argue, the son mostly becomes quiet. He would sing to his wife WHO HASN'T SPOKEN UP? Yet he would sing to his mother WHO DOESN'T WANT MONEY? The audience roared in laughter!

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