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The film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) was invited to take part in the 58th London Film Festival and held a world premiere there on October 12th. Director Teddy Chan Tak Lum and lead actress Bai Bing earlier already arrived in London. This film festival took place between the 8th and the 19th, showing 248 films over 12 days. It was the largest scale film festival there. The film KUNG FU JUNGLE was invited to participate as the Official Thrill selection and held its world premiere at the Empire Leicester Square.

Director Chan Tak Sum said that the last time he was in London was many years ago already. As soon as he got off the plane he had to attend the technical tests at the premiere cinemas with film festival personnel. When he stepped into the cinema, Director Chan could not help but let out a "wow" because the screen was 26.5 meters wide. It was the largest in all of England and even much larger than Hong Kong's IMAX silver. It was also the largest silver screen that he has seen in his life. He felt very honored and excited about KUNG FU JUNGLE being able to be screened here. He also believed that the results would be very unforgettable for the audience.

The cinema originally arranged for a 15 minute test, but the film ran for 60 minutes and still has not been stopped because the local workers were drawn to it. They did not want to work. Later Director Chan left but the workers remained reluctant to leave and kept watching. He pointed out that the film was about many values of and behind the Chinese martial art world. He never imagined that even foreigners would appreciate it so much, which was a pleasant surprise for him.

Bai Bing originally was working on a television series in Beijing. This time she took time off from the production for her first trip to England, thus she was excited and honored. Before departing she even had three dresses tailored. She said that London was an elegant place with a lot of history, so this time she would not be deliberately sexy. Instead she went with the "graceful girl style". She hoped to be graceful and respectful to the event. Although she would only stay for two days, Bai Bing has already done her research with friends and family. She hoped to be able to take time to shop for gifts to bring back to Beijing.

As for lead actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang, they arrived in London had dinner with Peter Chan Ho Sun and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. Yesterday Cissy Wang posted the photo on Weibo. Although Kwan Yu and Chan HO Sun were still not married, Cissy still described Kwan Yu as "Tai Tai" and Chan Ho Sun's other half.

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