Tuesday, October 7, 2014


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Lawrence Cheng, Michael Miu and Eric Tsang are golf fans
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Michael Miu Kiu Wai two nights ago attended an indoor golf course opening ceremony as its spokesman and host the opening ceremony with his friends Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Lawrence Ng Kai Wa. His wife Chik Mei Chun also showed her support. Before the interview, Sam Gor stated that he would only talk about the event and LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) and not "Occupy Central". LINE's success made the leads' salaries jump. He said that this was a more pleasing work for him recently. Aside from the ideal numbers, the word of mouth was also very important. "I haven't had friends telling me that they watched the ending in a long time. The most exciting was the Mainland record breaking hit rate. Later a celebration will take place."

Will LINE be made into a film? Sam Gor said that he awaited the company's arrangements. He even said that if the company did not make the film, he would. "I want to make the film version, I think the story can be continued. Changes to the team would be difficult." The film was rumored to be removing the "corrupted police" subject for the Mainland market. Sam Gor said that this was a creative problem, as the subject had to be made suitable for both Hong Kong and Mainland.

Chi Wai also praised LINE and said that he watched the ending with Sam Gor and others. He revealed that at the time everyone was tempted to make the film version. Would he be interested? Chi Wai said, "Hopefully! (Would you play a role?) I hope so, this type of films is suitable for me." Yet when discussing the "Occupy Central" movement, Chi Wai paused for over ten seconds. Was his heart aching? He looked worried as he said, "I think no one want to see Hong Kong turn into this, the student appeal is right but they seem to be unable to find a stage. When would this end? This is truly what everyone is the most worried about." He felt that now it has become clearer and clearer. Very few people there were students, some might be there to be a part of the crowd or to disrupt. Now they had to face all the people's complaints about their lives being affected, which was what everyone wanted to see the least and the moment that was the most flammable. Chi Wai pointed out that lately headmasters and respected people have spoken up and said that this was a very dangerous time. He suggested opening Tamar Park for students to make their appeal there. The people could support them after work and the roads would be freed up.

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