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Shi Yanneng hopes to display the soul of kung fu on screen
Fellow Shaolin disciples Wang Baoqiang and Shi Yanneng demonstrate real kung fu the audience
Teddy Chan and Shi Yanneng salute the Hong Kong action film cast and crew
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Hong Kong Film Award winning director Teddy Chan Tak Sum mixes kung fu and criminal investigation into the Emperor film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM), displaying to the audience realistic fight scenes while saluting the casts and crews of action films! Shi Yanneng made 11 straight kicks in one take against the kung fu obsessed Wang Baoqiang and displayed his Shaolin background!

Both Shaolin disciples, "Leg King" Shi Yanneng and the villain Wang Baoqiang in KUNG FU JUNGLE demonstrated their real kung fu. Yanneng even made 11 kicks straight to show off his skills. "I said to Baoqiang, certain in one take straight. We were particularly excited because we were able to spar on camera. Those 11 kicks were very powerful, I kicked d hard and he kept on blocking and dodging. In the end we really did it in one take!" He even revealed that director Chan Tak Sum once was afraid that he would injure his co-star and considered recasting, but he in the end was still the best choice.

As for the Hong Kong Film Award winning director Chan Tak Sum, he chose to reunite with the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan after BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING). He praised Yen Chi Tan for being more mature than five years ago and displayed his elder presence. "He was much more solid. He knew that he was the strongest in the universe. If his co-stars weren't the strongest in the solar system it would be meaningless. Thus he put all the best on Wang Baoqiang." Once stated openly that this film was a salute to action film casts and crews, Chan Tak Sum said that KUNG FU JUNGLE was an accident. "I have always been looking for a chance to show foreigners and the post 90s, that since the group of people who launched Hong Kong action films internationally since the 60s all performed their own stunts!" He lamented the gradual decline of the Hong Kong martial art world and anted the audience to understand the pain of studying martial arts. "Yet it is very entertaining, very pleasing to the eyes and the heart. Kung fu and the cast merge in the investigation, and the fights were fought without holding anything back!" He also revealed that someone during the London premiere could not help but screamed.

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