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Chow Yun Fat, Anthony Wong, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Nick Cheung are on the list
Anthony Wong last night posted in response to the Mainland ban, saying that he supports Hong Kong defiance and not the Mainland defiance
Jackie Chan's anti Occupy Central comments have been praised as clear headed.  Some said that patriotism is never wrong.
Chapman To has no interest in responding to possibly Mainland ban
A rumored "guidance" model essay from the Mainland "public opinion" propaganda ministry surfaced online to begin "public opinion" attacks on Hong Kong artists

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and Denise Ho actively participate in the protest in support of the students
As the Occupy Central movement persists in Hong Kong, many artists have bravely made their opinions known
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As the "Occupy Central" movement continues in Hong Kong, a rumor spread online that the propaganda ministry that was responsible for public opinion in the Mainland has ordered its tens of thousands of the so-called "five cents" "internet commentators" to start a "public opinion" attack online against Hong Kong artists who supported "Occupy central". The authority has already issued model essay that were similar to "guidance" for "five cent" to follow the related logic and wording to discredit those people as "traitor artists". The so-called "five cents" actually was the most basic structure of the stability maintenance force that numbered in millions, it was also its vanguard. However they spent more than the military, in the over 8 billion yuan RMB annual stability maintenance budget they got only a minuscule portion, thus they were called "five cents".

According the online rumored "guidance" model essay, "A group of traitor artists show their ugly anti Chinese side and publicly support Occupy Central. These people normally dug up piles of gold in the Mainland, at the key moment they stab their homeland in the back. I can tolerate it no longer and urge all Mainland internet users not to watch their work and performance, and Mainland film and television production companies would refuse their performance in the Mainland. Their names are (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai, Chow Yun Fat, (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun, (Anthony) Wong Yiu Ming, (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai, (Paul) Wong Koon Chung, Michelle Chen, (Denise) Ho Wan Si, (Chapman) To Man Chak, etc.", indirectly started a boycott operation.

Huanqiu yesterday published a commentary to support Jackie Chan's "Love Hong Kong Love the Nation" comment, saying that Jackie Chan mentioned, "without a strong nation, where would family be rich?" and hoped that everyone would "return to their sense and face the future". It praised him for being clear headed in the moment of crisis. Many online said that loving their own nation was never wrong. The commentary also mentioned such "guidance" model essay content, saying that "degenerate artists" (drug and prostitute users) should not be boycotted. Toward these backstabbers who "broke the pots where they ate", many suggested for even stricter ban. Lately a photo of "Hong Kong People, You Know" has been spreading online, dividing into camps of artist names who commented on "Occupy Central".

During the Hong Kong "Occupy Central" movement, many Hong Kong artists dared to express their own opinions. For example Ho Wan Si and Wong Yiu Ming personally participated in support of students. Best Actors Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Anthony Wong Chau Sun have all made their voices heard. Fat Gor felt that the government should not use violence against students, which would make Hong Kong people react negatively. He asked Leung Chun Ying, "Why do you always tell people to pocket it first, you can't accept a plan when you the government pockets it first?" Leung Chiu Wai also said, "I object to the government use of excessive force against the people and peaceful protesters, I hope the government can show some sincerity and arranged for a dialogue with the people as soon as possible." Wong Chau Sun strongly condemned the use of tear gas to drive off protesters, calling its a thug tactic that the government should not use.

Speaking of starting a Hong Kong artist boycott operation, Wong Chau Sun who is currently working on location in the Mainland for the TVB series HIU HUNG responded on fb, "To the official media: if I have to betray my dignity for your bowl of rice, sorry, your bowl of rice costs too much. I cannot afford it, my entire family cannot afford it. On the other hand, for so many years I have only had your so-called bowl of rice twice, in addition they definitely did not come from you. Not to mention they were not given, I traded them with my own hard work. We are not beggars, we are art workers with a conscience. Supporting defiance is not using drugs and hiring prostitutes for 3P, it is not as dirty as what is in your brain! Save it to scare those backstabbers who are used to eating your dog food! I am a Hong Konger." Chau Sun said, "I didn't say anything about the Mainland, Hong Kong people mind Hong Kong matter. I am not minding Mainland stuff, I am following One Nation, Two Systems. This is another way to affect One Nation, Two Systems through oppression. I support Hong Kong defiance, I am not supporting Mainland defiance. If having this bowl of rice demands me to kowtow and have no dignity, this is not my profession. I make art, without dignity I would rather not eat this bowl of rice." As for the boycott against them, he said, "Oh well."

Ho Wan Si last night again went to Admiralty to support the students. As for the possible Mainland blacklist, she said, "It's so dull. We stand up for Hong Kong people's conscience, not just for the students, but for the people of Hong Kong. I can't just stand by and watch from afar. Aside from making money there are so much more other things to do. If some people would threaten with money I wouldn't even think about them. As long as I feel I am right it doesn't matter. I can't mind so much." To Man Chak said, "Since such news is not news to me, I am not interested in responding."

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