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Zhang Ziyi wins a record 12 Best Actress awards for THE GRANDMASTERS to win her first Grand Slam 
Zhang Ziyi is asked if she feels embarrassed for winning an award with the same film.  She jokes, "I make one film a year!"  However she also looks forward to a new journey and her next role.
The sharp dressed Nick Cheung wins Best Actor with UNBEATABLE
Yao Chen wins Most Eye Catching Actress
Johnnie To with DRUG WAR wins Best Director and Best Picture
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The 14th Chinese Film Media Award two nights ago took place in Beijing. Zhang Ziyi with THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI)'s Gong Er won her 12th Best Actress award to become the first to win the Grand Slam. Wang Feng supported his girlfriend. "I am happy for you, I am proud of you......"

Zhang Ziyi again won Best Actress with THE GRANDMASTER. When asked if she was embarrassed that she won awards with the same film, she joked, "Why would I be embarrassed? I make one movie a year! This is a special occasion that is worth being happy about, it's an encouragement from everyone." She was in great spirit and did not get upset when asked about her wedding date. She responded that she will talk more once it would be decided!

Zhang Ziyi posted on Weibo two nights ago, "This 12th award is the perfect representation of the first Samsara and Nirvana between me and this character of Gong Er. It is an end but also a new beginning!" She thanked Wong Kar Wai, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and the audience. Without them she would not have these 12 awards. To make the complicated simple, she said that whether in life or at work she hoped to start a new journey, looked forward to her next character and the next round of Samsara.

Wang Feng congratulated his girlfriend on Weibo. "Almost everyone only see the bright brilliance of this Samsara, actually because of this you have suffered much too much abuse and physical harm......I am happy for you, I am proud of you, only because of the stubbornness and tolerance in your eyes after the storm!"

Two nights ago other award winners included Nick Cheung Ka Fai, who won Best Actor with UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN). Johnnie To Kei Fung with DRUG WAR (DUK JIN) won Best Picture and Best Director.

The Most Eye Catching Actor and Actress went to Huang Bo and Yao Chen. Huang Bo was even called the "5 Billion Actor" as his total box office has already exceeded 5 billion RMB. He joked that if the 5 billion were in his pocket it would be great. Viewers still have not grown tired of him and he felt particularly honored.

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