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Dayo Wong ends his 11 show concert series with a moving "torn baby' comment
Best Actors Sean Lau and Wayne Lai show their support
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah two nights ago performed the final show of his stand up comedy concert series. Fellow TVB Best Actor Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan and Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) showed their support. Wong Tze Wah was in great form as the audience responded enthusiastically. Near the end of the show, Tze Wah did not just leave like in previous shows. He said to the audience of over 10,000, "Every night I leave right after the show, tonight is the final show, I want to say a few more things before I go. I am a little sentimental. I started doing stand up comedy in 1990, I performed on the 97 Hand Over, then came the financial storm. In 2003 SARS came, whenever there was big trouble I was involved. With SARS the entire venue only had one person who just kept working without a medical mask. The person without a mask was me, so you can tell how badly I needed the money? The entire venue laughed with their mouth covered, while I just talked and talked. Then came another financial storm, and actual storms came during the performance and I didn't get to perform. Yet this time, Occupy Central! It's my turn again."

Wong Tze Wah was hesitant to discuss Occupy Central. He said, "I very honestly tell everyone, from the first day of Occupy Central I watched the television and immediately thought, 'Hmmm, this time I probably can't do the shows. Then I can tell everyone, every night I expected no show tomorrow night. This isn't something that is very cute, because every night something happened. Whenever something happened I might not be able to perform. Very simply said, if one night one 'egg' was broken, I wouldn't be able to perform. I believe that no one would be interested in listening and I wouldn't be in the mood to perform, thus we were able to go through all those nights and finish. Actually the incident has occurred for 10 or 20 days, I feel what is driving it to continue to this day? Actually Hong Kong people really love Hong Kong. After so many days of chaos, not a single egg was broken, which isn't easy at all. I will cite another example, we have a baby, one side grabs its arm, the other side grabs it leg. Actually everyone love this baby. After 20 nights of tugging they still haven't tug it to death, why? Because we all love it, as long as one side tugs is broken, the result of which would be very severe." Wong Tze Wah compared Hong Kong to the baby, being caught between the people and the government.

Tze Wah continued, "So tonight at the last show I want to remind everyone, from the first day this movement started out of love. Whether the government or the people, I hope everyone would think even more about how to 'tug' going forward? If one side tugs very tightly and refuses to let go and the other side also tugs very tightly, they would tug it to death. This love is a true test. I wish wisdom for everyone, thank you!" Wong Tze Wah tearfully completed his "baby tug of war" comment. The entire audience replied with applause and he ended the entire stand up comedy performance.

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