Tuesday, October 21, 2014


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Josie Ho and Johnnie To
Mimi Kung and her daughter Ashley
Eason Chan states he would not do any interview, after photos he immediately heads to the movie
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MY VOICE MY LIFE two nights ago held a charity premiere at the Kowloon Bay Exhibition Center. Attending guests included Johnnie To Kei Fung, Josie Ho Chiu Yi and Mimi Kung Chi Yun. To Kei Fung said that Andy Lau Tak Wa showed him this film, which made he realize the existence of such a good film. He said, "This film taught me what truth and love was, after watching it I was very touched. I then asked Wa Jai if I could borrow it for a premiere fund raiser." The premiere raised fund for the gospel drug recovery organization. He said, "The organization will set up a physical location. The Chief Executive will attend. I believe that our over 20 years of support for the program isn't wrong." He pointed out that he did not know how to make a film like this, after watching it he was even moved to tears.

Josie Ho Chiu Yi said that she has not released a record in a year. She has been busy with her new record. "In the story of my new song I am a crazed fan. In real life I was a fan of Madonna. When she came to Hong Kong I waited for her at the hotel but I never saw her." Kung Chi Yun attended with her daughter. She sad, "My daughter has liked music since she was little, but she is still young. She is only 14, for now she wouldn't get into the business. I hope she would first prepare herself."

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