Tuesday, October 14, 2014


courtesy of mingpao.com
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Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan has cut off her long hair of over ten years. She said, "I cut if for Director Law Chi Leung!"

Sun Kai Kwan earlier accepted the Law Chi Leung directed new film THE MURDERER VANISHES (THE BULLET VANISHES sequel). In it she will play a killer. In order to bring the character to life, the director asked her to cut off her long hair until it was almost shaved. When the hairstylist started, she could not help but let out a scream. She pouted and said, "I really am reluctant!" However when the hairstylist cut her hair shorter and shorter, she directly said, "I haven't have the feeling of having short hair, actually it is so refreshing and comfortable. It's good!"

In less than half a hour, Sun Kai Kwan went from the long haired goddess to short haired cool girl. Everyone said that her new image could not be cooler and she was very pleased with this new look. In the film sh had many fight scenes, which to her had no difficulty at all. She looked very convincing. She lightly said, "I have always kept up with my work out, no action scene would be too hard."

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