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Working in New Zealand on CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON II THE GREEN DESTINY, Donnie Yen meet with local fans.
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The film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) had a major fight scenes in which Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Wang Baoqiang fought on the water near Tai O. Chi Tan kicked Wang Baoqiang and hit him in the waist. Wang Baoqiang made a quick turn and hooked onto Chi Tan's legs. They both fell onto the speed boat. Then they tried to grab and lock onto each other. Finally Wang Baoqiang threw ashes toward Chi Tan's eyes and took the chance to jump into the water to escape. After disappearing for awhile, Wang Baoqiang suddenly jumped out of the water and tried to punch Chi Tan on the speed boat.

Chi Tan personally designed much of the action in the film. Chi Tan said that their scene on the speed boat was completely real. Director Teddy Chan Tak Sum also said, "Yen Chi Tan and Wang Baoqiang both had martial art training. With kung fu background they could personally finish the stunts and did not need to rely on doubles or others to help. For the scene in Tai O, we have already took a week longer than planned. If other people performed it, it might have needed even longer time!"

Wang Baoqiang also said, "In KUNG FU JUNGLE, Brother Tan was be living by himself in the word of martial art. That is my impression of me too. He has to consider how to make the film and what kind of stunts to use. He silently lived in the world of martial arts by himself. When I saw how involved he was, I was very moved. During the shoot, when Brother Tan designed highly difficult stunts for me, I would try my best to finish them with 100% effort."

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