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Chapman To hints that Wong Jing ends

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Wong Jing two days ago announced on Weibo that he has "terminated relationships" with Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Chapman To Man Chak and Denise Ho Wan Si over their political differences. To Man Chak yesterday morning wrote an almost 700 word post to say that Wong Jing had to keep FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2)'s Mainland box office next Lunar New Year in mind on facebook. He said, "Everyone please don't yell at Wong Jing anymore......FROM VEGAS TO MACAU last year made 600 million at the Mainland box office, which was Wong Jing's highest record in his entire film life! With the sequel, the budget drastically increased. My salary also increased by multiples. Yet before the production because I supported Taiwan against the Cross Strait Trade in Service Agreement, the film company abandoned me and we were not fated to work together again. Our relationship has not changed over that, because I believe, as friends, you have your reasons and cannot blindly support me. I understand. Even more importantly I believe that he has done his best. I can only thank you in silence!"

He continued, "Yet this time he in this trouble filled autumn not only can toss aside our years of friendship and without any private notice publicly announce the relationship termination, but also like a 'fat praying mantis' breaking its arms, even with a film in release in Hong Kong he still neglects Hong Kong people's feelings and says something extremely despicable. He may be suffering some gigantic pressure behind the scene." He pointed out that those were his deductions. He felt that Wong Jing's FROM 2 will be released next Lunar New Year, which would not accept any failure. The old man may be retiring soon, he might not have many more years of movies in him. Everyone would perhaps understand that.

Wong Jing was very upset of being accused of "breaking up" with the three artists over money. Yesterday he struck back on Weibo. "Yesterday the friendship termination on Weibo was a release of personal feeling. Some said that those three each had 'extremely piercing' comments, which was expected. Anyone would want to occupy the moral high ground, should they have wept and said 'I was wrong'? Yet someone said that I said those words in order to make some more money, I am very upset. After years of hard work, I am confident that I have enough to live on for the rest of my life. I would continue to speak up for justice in my heart. Hong Kong does not permit the destruction at the hands of a ground of demonic clowns! Support the police enforcement of the law!"

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