Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Law Chung Him, Evelyn Choi, Anjaylia Chan, James Hung
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Wylie Chiu, Law Chung Him
Josie Ho does not know if she will receive a TVB anniversary award nomination
Philip Keung cannot be happier about the launch of HKTV
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New director James Hung Ling Ching directed the film THE SEVENTH LIE (DAI CHUT FONG YIN), which held its premiere two nights ago. Its actors Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Law Chung Him, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Philip Keung Ho Man attended. Other guests included Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Melvin Wong Kam Sun and Chiu Nga Chi.

Him Jai was asked about his role. He joked, "Miscellaneous, like a driver, a murderer, a part time boyfriend and others. (Did you have to show off your muscles?) I had a back tattoo, but it was fake. I didn't dare to get a real one." In the film he was sloppy. He joked that the new director was looking for a breakthrough. He himself was vain but this time he was happy that he did not have to perform with makeup or shave. Everyday he could save two hours to sleep in. As for intimate scenes, he admitted that he had a kiss scene with Taiwan actress Peggy Tseng Pei-Yu. The bed scene was briefly glanced over. Did he have to give his girlfriend Tavia Yeung Yi any advanced warning? He said, "I never need to, actors always have this type of scenes. We have to be mentally prepared."

Chiu Yi's recent TVB series TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY is a hit. She did not know how its rating was, but on the streets many people called her by her character name. Thus she believed that the rating was decent. The series will air its two hour finale on Friday. She has already asked her co-stars to have dinner and watch the ending on Weibo, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Would she look forward to a TVB anniversary award nomination? Chiu Yi said that she did not know if she would be nominated, but she has already agreed to vote for Vincent Wong Ho Shun because they were paired together in the series.

In addition, Shek Chi two nights ago came to support Ronald Cheng Chung Kei but he was absent. She said, "Lately I worked with Cheng Chung Kei on a film, so I came to show my support." Signing with a new management company, she said that in the future she will focus on films. She also praised the new company's arrangements, they had room to negotiate so she was very pleased. Did the old company's arrangement upset her? She said, "Don't bring that up again, now I have more time to rest and run a business with my family. (What business?) I can't say yet because I don't know if my family wants to yet."

Speaking of being caught with her soccer player boyfriend Landon, Shek Chi joked, "As I get older, I am more generous. I remember in my 20 years I dated for four years and no one knew. It was very well hidden and felt like a torture of my boyfriend. Now I rather enjoy being with my boyfriend, I even feel that I am late to enjoy it. We have been dating for less than half a year. Although we are very compatible, we still need time observe each other to see if we are right for marriage." She even revealed that in order to support Chung Kei, she missed her boyfriend's match.

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