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Anthony Wong feels that the police has already lost the public's trust
Wong Jing supports the police
Denise Ho is rumored to be threatened but remains unafraid, as she refuses to change her ways
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The Hong Kong "Occupy Central" movement continues in various regions, as police and civilians conflicts continuously erupt. Yesterday morning the police ordered several hundred police officers to take back Lung Wo Road, which protesters occupied earlier. A protester was subdued and cuffed with plastic zip ties. 7 officers were suspected of taking him to a dark corner and beat him over 4 minutes. The media caught it on video and suggests police brutality. Calls for the police to investigate have risen. Artists Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Denise Ho Wan Si, Stephen Au Kam Tong are upset. Chau Sun angrily says, "Does the police still have the trust of the people of Hong Kong?" Priscilla Wong Chui Yu is shocked and saddened. Violence is not permitted. She hoped the police would give an answer to the people of Hong Kong. Wong Jing supported the police, claiming that someone tossed urine on the police on duty. (The Civic Party claims it was water).

Wong Chau Sun posts on facebook, "The police has the right to enforce the law, but does the police have the right to drag people to a dark corner and brutally beat them?......" Then he posts, "Councilman Leung Ka Kit, you says that the police has to have the trust of Hong Kong people, do you feel that the police still can get their trust?......." He says that the police relationship with the public has returned to the PRISON ON FIRE era.

Denise Ho Wan Si relays the news of protesters being attacked on instagram. "With full evidence, the best way is to see you in court!" She was rumored to have been threatened with acid attack, she was not afraid and said that the rumor has not been confirmed. Perhaps some people wanted to create fear. Her way would not be affected.

Stephen Au Kam Tong posts on facebook, "As of now, I only want to say (1) justice without force is impotent, force without justice is violence. (2) Most of the so-called conscience that still remains silent actually have directly participated in giving footing to tyranny."

Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) jokes, "Next time I move I have to ask them, since they move so quickly. Police brutality is wrong. I believe the Police Department will handle it."

Sammy says, " If the police truly uses violence it really shouldn't, because they are against unarmed civilians. To the police, the use of violence against suspects is illegal. I hope the investigation will take place soon>"

Priscilla Wong Chui Yu is worried. "I am very shocked, very scared, very saddened. No matter who they are, violence is not permitted. I hope the investigation will be quick and swift with an answer for all the people of Hong Kong."

Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) says, "They shouldn't hit people, but I wouldn't lost confidence in the police. Ultimately the entire group shouldn't be blamed for individual action."

Wong Jing posts on Weibo, "I still support the police! They are doing their jobs and you are throwing urine on them? Even if you are beaten to death you have no ground to stand on! I feel you deserve more beating!" He also rebutted some the council members. "When the police beats people it is described as violent demons, are those who raise their hands and kicks the police in the lower body, poke police officers' eyes with umbrella tips, and throw urine on law enforcements angels?"

Carina Lau Ka Ling loves Hong Kong and is heart broken and saddened to see what happened over the past ten days. She hopes for rapid resolution.

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