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Chow Yun Fat talks about Occupy Central on his walk.  His heart obviously belongs to his home, Hong Kong.
Chow Yun Fat waves to the police vehicles passing by during his interview like a "Hong Kong peace ambassador"
Chow Yun Fat parks his car on Jordan Road then heads to his favorite osteopathy clinic
Chow Yun Fat is in great shape
Chow Yun Fat urges the students to go home and think, since everyone already understands how pure their hearts are
A Wall Street Journal article compares Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Chan's stance during Occupy Central
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After over a month of "Occupy Movement", seemingly there is no one or no way to urge the protesters to leave the premises. Yesterday a Ming Pao Daily reporter ran into Chow Yun Fat and asked him about his support of students during early "Occupy" and his view of the movement now. Fat Gor was also was rumored to be one of the artists who will be banned for supporting the Occupy movement with comments or action, but Wong Jing has already supported Fat Gor and said that he did not support Occupy Central. He only cared about the students.

C: Chow Yun Fat, R: Reporter

R: Recently the Mainland has been rumored to ban Occupy Central artists, what do you think?

C: I have already talked about that before.

R: How do you see the current "Occupy Movement"?

C: I feel on a certain level, I agree with what CU (Chinese University) president Shum Cho Hiu (Joseph Sung) said, it is time for students to go home and think for awhile. Everyone already know how pure their hearts are. I feel President Shum said that very well. I am not able to express what he said, but I agree with it.

R: Wong Jing supported you and said that you didn't support Occupy Central, you were only sympathetic toward the students and against violence. On the other hand (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun also said that he supported what you said, if the Mainland bans you, you would just make less. Chau Sun said that he would reduce his salary to make Hong Kong films?

C: I won't talk about that. Right now I hope for the government and the students to have a proper communication channel to resolve this matter. Actually over the past month, everyone has seen that everyday life has been affected. I hope students would have their wisdom and should properly go home and think about what they should do next. I also hope that the government would have a good program to consult with them so everyone would have a complete ending.

R: What do you anticipate for Hong Kong?

C: I want Hong Kong to have a better tomorrow, I wish for Heaven to bless Hong Kong with continuing prosperity and stability.

Fat Gor then proceeded to wave ahead, as a police vehicle just passed by. The officers inside saw him and greeted him, and Fat Gor waved back. At this time the "People's Chief Executive" Fat Gor was like the "People's Peace Ambassador".

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