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Ronald Cheng, Yuen Biao, Philip Ng's action comedy SIFU VS. VAMPIRES, which mixes Eastern and Western vampires
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The film SIFU VS. VAMPIRES (TIN SI DAU GEUNG SI) continues the 80s MR. VAMPIRE (GEUNG SI SIN SUN) action comedy specialty, mixes Eastern and Western vampire and zombie subjects, and invited the Mr. VAMPIRE II star Yuen Biao to play the master. Yuen Biao said that earlier in ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND (GWAI DAU GWAI) he played a vampire and fought with Sammo Hung Kam Bo. This time he went from a vampire to a master and had many wire and action scenes.

The film also starred Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, who replaced the past vampire film's Ricky Hui Koon Ying in the comedic role as he played buddies down on their luck with Ng Won Lung. Ng Won Lung played a dummy in the film and also worked as the action director. He said that working with Yuen Biao was a dream come true, as he was his childhood action idol. He said that he had to create a new generation of vampires, fast and agile with the power of the HULK when he appeared.

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