Friday, October 17, 2014


Bella Law's bathing scene is her most daring performance so far
Bella Law holds nothing back in her performance
Wong Jing fully explains the bathing scene to Bella Law and puts her at ease
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Artist Bella Law Chi Kiu in Wong Jing's new film SIFU VS. VAMPIRE (TIN SI DAU GEUNG SI) had a daring performance. In the film she had bath scene. Law Chi Kiu said that when she got the script and learned about this sexy bath scene, at first she struggled with it a little. Luckily Wong Jing explained the angles and uses of the scene in detail. She too felt that the story required it so she let go and performed. She said, "This time was the sexiest in my career. Luckily the crew was very understanding. During the shoot they automatically cleared the set and left only female workers. (Philip) Ng Won Lung stood next to the tub, but I was in the water and haven't stood up yet." She said that during the shoot she already took all the cautions against wardrobe malfunction. She said, "I had pasties, so I wasn't afraid of any wardrobe malfunction."

Was the shoot embarrassing? She said, "No, because I had to make my feelings known to Ng Won Lung I had a lot of dialogue in the bathtub. I was completely focused on the performance and didn't think about anything else. If I had too many concerns, I believe I wouldn't be able to perform this scene well. (Was it the furthest you would go on screen?) For now no nudity for me." In comparison to "Jing Girl" Michelle Hu Yan, she was not as sexy as her. Bella said, "Actually it wasn't necessary. This time the characters in the film had different personalities. This time being able to take part in Wong Jing's film I felt very honored and happy."

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