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Ni Ni holds on to her boyfriend and birthday boy Feng Shaofeng.  Fans rush them to wed.
Joe Chen, Chen Bo-Lin and Feng Shaofeng have a pleasant work experience
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Chen Bo-Lin, Feng Shaofeng, Wallace Chung Han Leung and Joe Chen Chiao-En starred THE CONTINENT will be released in Hong Kong next Thursday. In the film Chen Chiao-En's costume was drastically different from other characters', as she had to appear in a Chinese dress. She joked, 'We agreed on making a modern film, so I didn't expect for it to turn into an early Republic film. When they were next to me, they seem to have traveled through time." This time the retro Chinese dress even made Chen Chiao-En's great figure stand out. Chen Bo-Lin praised, "In that scene when we saw Chen Chiao-En in a Chinese dress our eyes were opened, in the end mine were truly opened. She was truly beyond hot!" Chen Chiao-En admitted that for this look she suffered a lot. "When we shot this scene it was the coldest few days in Shanghai. Working in the Chinese dress was a challenge to the body. When I wasn't in a scene, I used my own Hello Kitty doll to warm my hands."

Speaking of her character, Chen Chiao-En admitted, "To her, life hasn't been smooth sailing. Yet she can always face life with a smile, despite that sometimes there are tears within the laughter." Director Han Han was very pleased with Chen Chiao-En's performance, as she was able to express the character's optimistic attitude for life. The director also joked, "Although our actors all ask for the Chinese dress to be cut higher, but considering the weather element, I still seriously turned them down!"

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