Thursday, October 23, 2014


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Philip Ng Won Lung yesterday accepted DBC digital radio program interview. He talked about his present and future. Would he talk about his love life? He said that it was just as good as it always has been. Earlier Linda Chung Ka Yun publicly appeared at the premiere to support him. Was their relationship so close that it could weather a storm? Ng Won Lung said, "There is a storm? (Have you reached the marriage discussion?) That's private! When I have a plan I will tell everyone, I am not afraid to announce it."

Earlier Ka Yun supported him at the ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB premiere, did she have any comment? Ng Won Lung said, "She said it was good, a lot of fun, the movie was very scary." In the film Ng Won Lung had no intimate scene with any actress. Was he afraid that Ka Yun would see it? He said that he was not, since they both worked in the industry. The most important was it was reasonable in the story development. With the upcoming TVB anniversary, would he support Ka Yun for Best Actress? He said that they have encouraged each other all along. Of course it would be the best for her to win Best Actress, but the most important was that she was happy at work.

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