Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Abby Fung and Sharon Hsu spend six hours in the make up chair
Abby Fung
Sharon Hsu plays a sexy courier
courtesy of on.cc

Taiwan artists Sharon Hsu Wei En and Abby Fung earlier worked on the Sun Entertainment invested film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB (SI SING). They even dropped their "beauty baggage" and spent six hours in the make up chair to look like zombies. Known as the "Little Lin Chiling", Abby Fung sacrificed her looks to play a a zombie. With all the zombies on the set it was like a Halloween party. "Because normally I don't have a chance for such make up, after the shoot I didn't want to remove it. I wanted to go around and scare people. When my manager drove, he would deliberately lower the window and ask for direction. Other people would run away from fright."

Playing the "sexy courier", Hsu Wei-En wore a bikini and later became a zombie. She said that after work she did not dare to scare anyone. "I was afraid that someone would hit me. What's the point!"

Speaking of Jessica C. and Candy Yuen Ka Man's sexy appearance, Hui Wei-En was not afraid of comparison. "Everyone has her own specialty. Just do what you should do for each part it is fine." They pointed out that they were bruised all over during their struggle scenes. Abby Fung also looked forward to playing a couple with Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Hsu Wei-En would like to work with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chow Yun Fat.

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