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Janelle Sing, Raymond Wong, Karena Ng and Zhang Chuchu
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming earlier brought the three lead actresses of the film CHING CHUN DAU (YOUTH FIGHT) Karena Ng Chin Yu, Janelle Sing Kwan and Zhang Chuchu to attend the 1st Silk Road International Film Festival's Fuzhou launch ceremony. The film will open in Hong Kong in December 11 and December 5 in the Mainland. The new film will run into the big film THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN). The film was director Herman Yau Lai To's salute to Wong's classic film HAPPY GHOST. Wong Pak Ming said that he believed CHING CHUN DAU will be better than HAPPY GHOST. He confidently said, "I have confidence, the audience in the big film filled slot would also need light movies that are filled with youth. In addition our actors are all young idols, I believe that they definitely will be able to attract young people."

Ng Chin Yu was asked about her first impression of Fuzhou. She joked, "Fuzhou's fish balls are too delicious." She too was just filled with confidence about the film box office. "Actors have a lot of difficulty with box office prediction, I can only say that I have put my heart to my performance in this film, I hope everyone would see it." Several of the leads in the film are wushu team members, kung fu scenes in the film were inevitable. Playing the eldest disciple Sing Kwan was the best fighter in the entire film. With her Tae Kwon Do background she had a good chance to show off. She said, "This was my first kung fu demonstration in the film. During the shoot I lost myself. Only after the shoot did I realize that I had many injuries, many bruises on my arms and legs. The most amazing part was I even fought only my toe nail cracked." Another female lead Zhang Chuchu not only won this year's I AM NOT A STAR winner but also famous Mainland actress Song Jia's daughter. She even said that when she was invited to make this film she was happy for several nights.

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