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Wong Jing already has a script in mind to work with Yuen Biao again 
Yuen Biao says that Ronald Cheng and Philip Ng can play both comedy and action
Yuen Biao says that the film is worth braving the cold and the late nights for
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Wong Jing and Yuen Biao's first collaboration had so much chemistry that they have already planned for a "reunion" on the big screen next year. He even said that his "stamp collection dream" has already been completed. For their "first time" they were confident and would not eliminate the possibility of a sequel.

As for "first collaboration in 40 years", their new film SIFU VS. VAMPIRES (TIN SI DAU GEUNG SI), Wong Jing and Yuen Biao were both just as excited and had chemistry. The shoot took place in the dead of winter. Also they often had to work through the night. Yuen Biao felt it was worth all the hardship. "Actually making a movie would definitely be tough, with a lot of late night shoots and rain in between. However they added to the atmosphere. Honestly in comparison with the earlier vampire films, this time the scale was truly a lot grander." In the film he "crossed paths" with the younger generation like Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Philip Ng Won Lung. Yuen Biao had nothing but praise for them and even said that the latter's kung fu was indeed decent.

SIFU's script actually already took shape over ten years ago. The "Sifu" that Wong Jing and Yuen Biao this time "created" this time was neither invincible nor excelled in everything. Fortunately he was "humanized". Wong Jing admitted, "Back then it was set aside due to financing problems. This time when I brought it back I made some changes. We put the trailer online, so far the outside response has been decent. (Since you have had such a pleasant collaboration, will you make a sequel?) Anything is possible."

Wong Jing next year will make his 100th film 12 GUM GONG (12 GOLEMS), the story of which he said would be similar to the Hollywood film OCEAN'S 11. He said that after this collaboration he already saved a character for Yuen Biao. Yuen Biao joked, "Are you asking me to be the door god (valet)?" Who would Wong Jing like to work with? He announced that he has already been successful with his "stamp collecting". "I remember when I first got into the business and helped Papa out with films, he (Yuen Biao) was already one of the leads. Years later I originally had the funding for our collaboration, but I didn't expect it to be scrapped. I waited until that I have even worked with him, I really have no regret." Reportedly, Wong Jing handed the job of directing SIFU to the new director Daniel Chan Yee-Heng while he produced. He did not mind cultivating more talent for the Hong Kong film industry.

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