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Elaine Lok shows her support for Moses Chan
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Moses Chan wants to have as many children as he will be blessed with and says that the chance for a daughter is more likely for the next one
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Moses Chan Ho two nights ago with Susan Shaw Yam Yam and director Amos Why (Wong Ho Yin) attended the film DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM) premiere. Chan Ho said that in the film he had zero intimate scene with the lead actress. Although this was a romance, only he after the shoot felt like he did not even dating. It was rather suitable for him.

Speaking of Aimee Chan Yan Mei revealing that their next child will still be a boy, Chan Ho who stated that he wanted a daughter said, "Next one will probably be a girl, the chances are great! Now at this age the more children the better, it is a blessing from the Lord. Having a soccer team would be the best!" he continued to say that they would have as many children as Heaven would bless them with, because this joy was the happiest in the world. Was Aimee willing to have an entire soccer team? Chan Ho laughed. "She is OK, this has always been our plan. We aren't deliberately trying for a daughter, we both really like children." He said that after a few more children they would have to move to a bigger home. Chan Ho agreed that he definitely would, but he was certain that his son Aiden would be even happier after having a young brother since he would have company in sports. Would Aimee have no time for a comeback? He said, "It's OK, she will take care of the family first. The fire for work is still there. Later she will be back." As for names, Chan Ho hoped to be like Aiden and use the same way to name the baby. Thus they needed to spend a lot of time to consider them. He said that with the experience he was more confident this time, but he would still be careful and go with Aimee into the delivery room.

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