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Denise Ho is curious where Wong Jing gets her number to delete, but thanks him for making her feel so important

Anthony Wong has not worked with Wong Jing for over ten years so he does not have his number
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Anthony Wong thanks Wong Jing for taking care of him over the years and wishes him smooth sailing
Wong Jing draws the line against Occupy Central supporters
Denise Ho says that she and Wong Jing have never had any private contact so she is not sure how he has her number
Wong Jing and Chapman To just work together on FLIRTING IN THE AIR, but they are strangers now
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Wong Jing who has worked with Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Chapman To Man Chak many times before yesterday stated on his Weibo that because of their different political stance he would remove their and Denise Ho Wan Si's contact from his mobile phone. Wong Jing posted, "Mr. Wong Chau Sun, Mr. To Man Chak, Ms. Ho Wan Si, we have had very pleasant collaborations before. I also respect your ability to have your own politic ideals, but that absolutely does not mean I agree with them. To avoid awkwardness, your contacts will be removed from my mobile phone and computer. I wish you a happy life!"

Wong Jing just worked with To Man Chak on the new film FLIRTING IN THE AIR (TONG BAK FU CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU). Earlier To Man Chak admitted that his stance was different from Wong Jing's but would respect him. Wong Jing earlier worked with Chau Sun more but in recent years they have worked together less. Wong Jing posted, "I have never come in contact with politics, I wasn't even registered to vote. Yet my wife and I have decided to register. At the next Legislative Council election I will encourage more people like me to vote and use the vote in our hands to drive out these traitor Civic (party), so they will not be able to mislead young people and poison Hong Kong! They truly have angered the real silent group!"

Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung supported Wong Jing on Weibo. "Little Brother Wong Jing, I worship you, I am still learning......" However Wong Jing's post drew the ire of many online. Wong Jing exchanged foul language with them. Some also supported what Wong Jing did.

Currently working in the Mainland, Chau Sun at first questioned if the "unfriend message" truly came from Wong Jing himself. After confirming, Chau Sun said, "It feels a little strange but not much else, everyone has his own freedom. (Do you always talk about social issue?) No, we talk about movies and joke around. When I wasn't doing well, I made a lot of his films. In this business many people in trouble got help from him. (Would you talk to Wong Jing about this personally?) No need, if (Sean) Lau Ching Wan, (Dayo) Wong Tze Wah keep their distance from me, then I would ask if it was a misunderstanding. However he is a film industry tycoon. When an elder wants to keep his distance, what can I do? I can only stand still for the beating! If you are going to delete, just delete. He says to avoid awkwardness, doesn't saying it make it even more awkward? It doesn't make sense, it's very strange! (How do you see the unfriend wave?) It's like elementary school student, 'don't you cross the line!' Yet after you unfriend someone will you really be unable to find them? Is having the number on the phone a disturbance? The whole thing is very strange, curious, a little kid like. The style is very different from him that I know. I can't analyze it, it's very strange! (Does he want to keep a distance with you in public?) Don't guess at other people's motive!"

Chau Sun was asked how he would treat people of differing opinions. He said, "Marry them! My wife and I have a huge difference of opinion, actually we don't need to talk. You are Christian, they are Muslims. Ultimately in a free world, anyone can believe in anything as long as they are not turning against each other. (Does your heart ache over the split in society?) I instead feel it's very rare. How has Hong Kong feel about politics over the years? So I absolutely respect that."

To Man Chak blasted, "I don't seen him talking about Chow Yun Fat? Fat Gor and (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai who star in his new film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2) also spoke up for the students, but he hasn't terminated his relationship with can imagine how enormous this film's Mainland box office pressure has to be! Everyone is in a different situation, I focus on the domestic market, he does Mainland business. Of course he can't live without a care like me! Haha! I understand someone like him very well, whatever! I wish big success for his new film and a happy life for him!" Ho Wan Si said, "I am sorry, lately I have been busier. I don't have time to respond to something so minor."

Around 8PM Chau Sun posted on facebook, "Brother Jing, thank you for taking care of me over the years. I can't believe that you still have my number, even the email that I have cancelled for over ten years. I am truly very moved. I haven't had your number for so many years, I am so ashamed. In the end, I want to say sorry to you and I wish you smooth sailing!"

Ho Wan Si said on facebook that she did not have his contact number. "Actually I want to say......we absolutely have had no private contact. Why would he have my number? Either someone asked for my number to put into the phone then deleting it, or he just unfriended my manager. No matter what, I can't believe how important I am to everyone, thank you very much!"

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