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Taiwan star Ko Chen-Tung was arrested for marijuana in the Mainland on August. After his release he returned to Taiwan. Yesterday the Taipei prosecutor's office called him to court for the second time. He said during his interview that the prosecutor permitted him to pay for his own treatment. He said, "I can't have another violation, I know that too."

Ko Chen-Tung yesterday with his management company team went to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for the final trial. The scene in comparison to the chaos last time had more understanding between the media and the prosecutors, without any pushing and bumping. They silently permitted Ko Chen-Tung to step into the office for the trial. With mixed and heavy emotions, Ko Chen-Tung quickly went to the hearing.

Ko Chen-Tung said that the prosecutor in court asked him to confirm the test result and agreed for him to pay for his own treatment. With the result and his own testimony he was not required to supervised rehabilitation. This meant that Ko Chen-Tung did not have to be held at the rehab center for treatment and would only be required to return to the hospital for scheduled urine tests. As long as he did not have another violation during the period he would not have a record, which was the biggest gift for the 23 year first time offender.

He continued, the court atmosphere was very good. His eyes were blood shot because he has been tested since Monday to now, but now he got up and went to bed earlier than before.

The media asked if the prosecutor added any condition like community service. Ko Chen-Tung said, "No, I can't have another violation, I know that too." The prosecutor did not lecture, only informing him of the follow up and what he should note about his paid treatment.

Reporters asked if he was only tested positive for marijuana. Ko Chen-Tung said, "Of course." Because it was exactly the same as his testimony, the prosecutor did not consider him for bad attitude or lying after the violation.

He said that his life was normal during this period. He spent a lot more time with his family and friends and he was more relaxed. As for whether he would return to show business, the company would decide.

In addition, Ko Chen-Tung apologized for any of his work being banned. He said that because of his personal mistake he has adversely affected his co-stars, workers, the director and even investors. They all had to take on such a burden. He was very sorry and would try to respect the film company's arrangements as much as possible.

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