Saturday, October 11, 2014


Terry Lai
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Intercontinental Group Holdings honorary president Terry Lai (Lady Lai) is the earlier female film distributor who imported many popular Hollywood films into Hong Kong and contributed a lot to the Hong Kong film industry. She also received the Hong Kong Film Award Lifetime Achievement Award. In recent years she has been working hard to promote care for Hong Kong elderly's physical and mental health. A year ago she organized the Community Care Age Foundation, establishing health clinics to provide free assistance to seniors in the areas with dense aging population like Po Tat Estate in Kwun Tong. With professional medical care personnel providing appropriate assistance, seniors would not have to worry about minor illness or pain or even hospitalization.

As the Intercontinental Group Holding celebrates its 45th anniversary, Lady Lai on the 18th (Saturday) will hold a charity fund raising walk at the Peak in the morning to support the Community Care Age Foundation. As even more health clinics would hopefully be set up in more areas. The next target would be Sham Shui Po. At the same time the event hoped to draw everyone's attention to have health clinic assistance area in all 98 districts of Hong Kong for elders in need.

Lady Lai said, "Hong Kong made the jump from a small fishing harbor to the Pearl of the Orient completely due to our parents and grandparents' hard work. Today it is our time to repay them. Regrettably lately our environment has become very noisy and disturbing. I hope this 'walk for senior' event would be able to bring out everyone's charitable hearts so seniors can peacefully rest at home. Everyone loves home, loves their community with harmony."

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