Thursday, October 30, 2014


James Hung is happy to receive various film festival awards
Tin Kai Man and Ronald Cheng lend James Hung a helping hand
THE SEVENTH LIE has an unique story telling method
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James Hung Ling Ching may be a first time director, but he has won awards in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Barcelona. He humbly said, "Actually I didn't make the movie or participate in film festivals for awards, but we don't have any big company support, a lot of promotional budget. I wanted the audience to know about our movie, so I thought of film festivals."

James continued, "I am very happy to receive recognition. Earlier I went to Taiwan to attend a screening and found that the audience had their own opinions. The U.S. audience felt that the film felt like an U.S. series, the people of Spain asked if Hong Kong people really cared about continuing the family line? Taiwan audience was surprised how at my age I was able to write a story that span three generations. I hope Hong Kong viewers would like my film style and give new directors more support."

As for lying, James had a deep experience and even agreed with English writer Ian Leslie's BORN LIARS: WHY WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT DECEIT. James said, "Lying doesn't need to be taught. People have already known how to lie since they were very little, for example they obviously didn't finish their dinners yet but they would say they did just to get ice cream. Living in a group you have to know your role and what attitude to use. The older you get, the more roles you play. You would have even more lies to handle this world and don't need to deliberately studying lying. People are organisms that would lie on their own."

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