Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Chrissie Chau is star struck to see Francis Ng
Ella Koon "sarcrifices" her beauty for her role
Francis Ng, Vincent Kok, Ronald Cheng
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Ronald Cheng
Josie Ho, Chrissie Chau, Candy Yu and Ella Koon
Fans ask Francis Ng for autographs
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The film HOSUE OF WOLVES (NGOK YUN GUK) yesterday held its production start ceremony. Attending actors included Francis Ng Chun Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Ella Koon Yun Na and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik. Cheng Chung Kei and Ella yesterday appeared in costumes as the outdated village chief and the stained teeth village woman.

Ronald had to play the village chief so he got a darker tan. He even added pads to his shirt and added a high waist belt to look outdated. He admitted that high waist pants and shoulder pads were rather gross. This time he worked with Candy Yu On On for the first time, he did not expect her to be willing to play a village woman. She in the film often called him a jerk and he never expected her to be so funny. In addition Ronald's wife is expectant in February. He said that he will work until the end of November. Because he could not return to Hong Kong in time for the birth of his first daughter and he regretted it, this time he would stop working in advance. He has already prepared to go to the delivery room with his wife, cut the umbilical cord and shoot videos. He even bought a new camera to practice. He originally wanted to bring his daughter into the delivery room, but the hospital did not approve that. Would he have another one? He joked that he would leave it to nature because one daughter was already very noisy. Adding another child would be even noisier. He would not deliberately try for another.

Ella for this film spent two hours on makeup to look ugly, but she felt it was a lot of fun as she did not need to play pretty every time. Speaking of working with Chun Yu, she looked forward to it very much. However she has not had any scene with him yet. Chau Sau Na this time was a guest star. She admitted that she took this film because of Chun Yu. She hoped to be able to get a photo with him but she has not have a chance yet. Chun Yu was neurotic, was she afraid that he might yell at her? She said that she was not because she was neurotic too. Getting yelled at was even better, as she would be able to learn.

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