Thursday, October 23, 2014


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KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) will open in Hong Kong on October 30. Director Teddy Chan Tak Sum despite having the flu still promoted in Taiwan. He ran into Cheng Pei Pei and even received great reviews from a group of Taiwan artists.

Chan Tak Sum studied in Taiwan when he was young. His first love was also there. After graduation he even started a company there and met many friends. He had quite a deep connection with Taiwan, so despite being ill he still insisted on promoting in Taiwan. He even did an interview during a meal. By chance he ran into friend Cheng Pei Pei and her daughter Marsha Yuan. They actually have not seen each other in a long time. Everyone was very happy to run into each other in a foreign place. A screening was held at night. Chan Tak Sum invited his friends there to attend. Cheng Pei Pei, Alan Ko Yau Lun, Chi Kuan-Chun, Dylan Kuo and Taiwan Shaolin disciple Lin Sheng-Jie showed their support. After the screening everyone had praises for the film, and he was very moved.

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