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Kenneth Ma says that Colleen Chan was a happy and enthusiastic person
Kenneth Ma and Colleen Chan were linked in rumors
Colleen Chan worked on IMPETUOUS LOVE IN ACTION, which her father Frankie Chan directed and Jackie Chan produced
Colleen Chan with Julian Cheung at an event in October
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Filmmaker Frankie Chan Fun Kei's daughter Colleen Chan Hoi Sum two nights ago fell from a building in Tseung Kwan O to her death. She was 40. Chan Hoi Sum was originally named Chan Hung Yin, lately she changed her name to Chan Yu Shu. Reportedly Chan Hoi Sum had emotional disorder, currently the cause of the fall is under investigation. Four hours before her fall, Chan Hoi Sum suddenly posed a photo that might have been the body of star Pauline Chan Bo Lin. Before her fall she even posted a photo of herself at the building on facebook. "People who despise me, people who like me, you will never see me again."

Chan Hoi Sum in recent years has vanished from Hong Kong show business. In 1998 she participated in the Radio Hong Kong DJ training class. The next year she participated in her father's film I.Q. DUDETTES (LAT JIU GAU SUT). At the time she said that her father did not want her to join show business. Chan Hoi Sum's road to stardom stalled. In 2001 she focused on the Mainland market but her performance has not been ideal. Chan Hoi Sum has been linked to many stars like Wong Yau Nam, Johnson Lee Si Jit, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Alex To Tak Wai. While working with Ma Ming on the Mainland series IMPETUOUS LOVE IN ACTION she was rumored to make a move on him. Ma Ming yesterday expressed regret when he learned about her death. Yau Nam also felt shocked and hoped that she would rest in peace.

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