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Buddies Andy Tien and Philip Ng have a lot of chemistry on the set
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The film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB yesterday held a promotion in Sham Shui Po. Attendees included Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Philip Ng Won Lung, Candy Yuen Ka Man, Zhang Chi, Taiwan stars Abby Fung and Sharon Hsu Wei-En.

On Chi Kit and Ng Won Lung in the film had many action films. When asked about injuries, Ng Won Lung revealed that On Chi Kit was injured due to mischief. During lunch he jumped off a bus and his head almost hit the ground. Luckily he turned to his back in time, but his back was all scratched up. On Chi Kit thus got a day off. On Chi Kit admitted that at the time he was in a lot of pain and he would not dare again. Later they will still have plans to work together. On Chi Kit said that he wanted to make a category III film. He said, "Category III films have no restriction, I want to make ones with more violence and foul language." If he had to bare all? He joked, "Let's see for how much money! Money talks!" He said that actually it would depend on the script. Ng Wong Lun joked to keep him out of it. Was he afraid of comparison? They both laughed. Ng Won Lung joked, "Height comparison!"

Abby Fung had a back revealing performance in the film. She said that the director asked to add this scene last minute, but she felt that it was acceptable so she agreed. Was she the bottom line on how sexy she would be? She said that it was. As for the similarity between her voice and Lin Chiling's, she said that many Taiwan girls' voices were very refreshing.

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