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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Gao Yuanyuan in the film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) had a wedding scene. Goo Jai climbed the walls to interrupt the ceremony. Ng Yin Cho saw Koo Tin Lok's life was in danger climbed over 30 feet on the wall without any climbing experience. Because the wall was for decoration only, it was not stable. In the film Gao Yuanyuan's brother Vic Chou Yu Man followed and climbed the wall to help. She, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and almost 100 guests on hand were stunned.

In this sequel, Gao Yuanyuan fell into another love intersection. She pointed out that To Sir deliberately hid the story. She said, "The director kept it a secret all along, as he didn't want to affect my performance. Until yesterday I didn't know the ending. Sometimes I would think that as the female lead the choice was really hard!" Ng Yin Cho chimed in and said, "Actually it wasn't hard, of course you would choose me!" Gao Yuanyuan cracked up. "Haha, right, you are so perfect! Yet girls would have short cut or lost moments, so I would also think about the impulse of being with Koo Tin Lok!" Although in the film Ng Yin Cho's character was perfect, Ng Yin Cho felt that the "Man from Mars" was too perfect. He said, "The 'Man from Mars' was so perfect that he gave his girlfriend a lot of pressure, so I am not a 'Man from Mars'. Because the proposal was accepted already in the first film, in the second film I wouldn't pursue Gao Yuanyuan. Instead I wanted to know the truth and hoped that my girlfriend would think clearly before the wedding. The real me also dated my girlfriend for eight years, I was very certain she was the one before I got married."

Gao Yuanyuan also stated that in real life she wanted a simple yet stable love. She said, "Film can romanticize love, girls all hope for some romances. Honesty and kindness in a mate are more important than romance. Romance is only a bonus!" Ng Yin Cho joked, "If I was the female lead, I wouldn't choose either one. Koo Tin Lok was always chasing girls, 'Man from Mars' was so perfect that he gave people pressure. I would choose myself 'Ng Yin Cho'!" Koo Tin Lok did not run into Ng Yin Cho and Gao Yuanyuan because he stayed outside the building and the roof for the climbing scene. He joked, "In the film I was always climbing, even in order to avoid Yuanyaun I climbed everyday and entered my home through the bathroom. Today is even harder because I have to climb a building." He stated that in reality he would not let his relationship turn so complicated.

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