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Candy Yuen has daring performance in ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB
Candy Yuen says that the leather whip is too thin to watch her strength with
Andy Tien is tied to a chair, at the mercy of Candy Yuen
Candy Yuen adds a last minute kiss scene that surprises Andy Tien
Candy Yuen grabs Millie Wang to kiss Andy Tien
Jessica C. hopes that the audience will pay attention to her acting as well
Jessica C. does not mind intimate scenes 
Andrew Lin spends over ten hours on zombie make up
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Candy Yuen Ka Man lately has been revealed to be "bare all". Earlier she tested the water and played a "group game" with Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) and Taiwan actress Millie Wang on the Sun Entertainment film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. In a sexy costume she seduced On Chi Kit. In the story the entire city has been turned into zombies due to a virus. A group of survivors lives in the city in ruins. Without any police slavery took hold and humans were captured for any and all purposes.

Candy in the film whipped On Chi Kit, who was tied to a chair and unable to resist the ladies. Candy not only kissed him but also on his lap. The half naked Millie Wang later bit his ear.

Candy revealed that in order to seduce On Chi Kit, she daring added a kiss scene that stunned him! She said, "That scene had a lot of on the spot creativity. The script didn't fill in the details; so when I kissed him it was quite a surprise, since he didn't know. (Were you worried that he would feel you took advantage?) I haven't thought about that. He is such a direct big brother, very Westernized, we feel that kissing wasn't a big deal. He understood that my character had to do that." Speaking of sitting on On Chi Kit's lap, did he have any biological reaction? Candy only revealed that he was a little nervous. "Earlier I have worked on intimate scenes with other actors. I have never talked about them. That is private so I wouldn't talk about that."

Candy admitted that during the shoot she felt very embarrassed and revealed that she had to slap and whip On Chi Kit. "I really hit hard, whipping him ten times. Because that rope was so small it was very hard to control. I had a hard time holding back, I even hit him where it hurt. (Did you hit him down there?) No, but we had to change angles and shoot many times. He was really hurting."

Candy had nothing but praise for her co-star. "I feel that he is wonderful. Everyday I see him topless, he is in such great shape. He is a very friendly, every sunny guy who feels very safe, I believe every girl would like this type."

Candy denied that she was watching herself as she was not as sexy as Millie Wang. "The director didn't ask me to do that. (Were you at a disadvantage?) It doesn't matter, the director made the arrangement." Speaking of working on director Wong Jing's category III film DUCK KING (NGAP WONG) later and the intimate scenes with Dominic Ho Ho Man, who else would she like to have intimate scenes with? She who has worked with Louis Koo Tin Lok on a bed scene said, "Goo Jai, because he is full of experience and stays within the bounds."

Another actress in the film Jessica C had a bathing scene. Speaking of that, JC said, "During the shoot I know the story required it, I thought it was reasonable so I coordinated." Was she worried that the audience would compare her with Candy? JC's manager said, "The film production team was very serious, all the story was unreasonable. We aren't afraid of comparison. Everyone had a different style. JC has what it takes to be sexy."

Director Joe Chien's film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB has been selected for the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, which gave the team more confidence about the film's Hong Kong release.

Andrew Lin Hoi was very happy to be able to be the special effect make up artist on ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. He pointed out that very few Chinese films had zombies and praised the film's serious production. "The entire production team was rather demanding about the zombie's horrifying and overall appearance. This was also the quality that I was after, so the collaboration was rather pleasant. Everyday I spent over ten hours on make up for each actor, I had no time to rest at all. My hands were so tired that they were shaking. However when everyone saw the results, they all recognized that they were well worth the effort."

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