Friday, October 24, 2014


Manfred Wong says that the Guide is not for sale.  Non professionals will only be able to read the online version
The Guide includes Stephen Chow and Wong Kar Wai entries
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The Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild planned, the Film Development Fund funded, Creative Hong Kong supported THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HONG KONG FILM DIRECTORS 1 and 2 have been officially published. The guide collected over 600 Hong Kong directors' entire record.

Hong Kong film from the 70s glamorous era to the 21st century digital era solidified Hong Kong's position as Eastern Hollywood, thanks to a group of directors who toiled away behind the scenes. Thus the Directors' Guild hoped to introduce every hard working Hong Kong director to everyone. The Gordon Chan Ka Seung, Manfred Wong (Man Jun), Cheung Chi Sing, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and others formed editing management committee planned. After two years of editing work, the book was finally completed. Man Jun said, "I am very happy to see this book today but also find it hard to believe. Completing it truly was not easy, because since 1979, over 700 directors have made films, over 100 of whom have lost contact. Some used stage names and could not be found and some passed away, so not everyone was included. Thus we arranged for an appendix to remember them. Here I want to say that we welcome each director to contact the Guild. Later the Guild will release the online version of the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HONG KONG DIRECTORS on the Guild's site and will often update the information." The book was also not for sale, only for industry collections and research.

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