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Bai Bing, Donnie Yen, Chin Kar Lok, Yuen Bun
Albert Yeung
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Donnie Yen never claims a cent before for all his injuries
Angela Tong and Chin Kar Lok
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Bai Bing, Christie Chen (Si Xuan), Jessica Wong Ka Wai and director Teddy Chan Tak Sum two nights ago attended the film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) premiere. The premiere was a fund raiser for the Hong Kong Stuntman Association. Chin Kar Lok was the president, Chan Tak Sum was a founder and they asked many artists to make donations. Two nights ago Chin Kar Lok's wife Angela Tong Ying Ying, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and a group of action actors attended.

Yen Chi Tan said that the premiere was very meaningful. He has acted for 32 years and this time he saw many old friends and brought back a lot of memories. He said that he has donated to the association. Would he ask others to? He said that the most important was to mean well, the amount did not matter. Chi Tan would be the association's honorary consultant. Chi Tan said that lately he has been busy with films, the soonest he would have time off will be in December. He said that sometimes he wanted to participate in his children's education. His 7 year old son was learning Tae Kwan Do and Mixed Martial Arts. He wanted to roll around on the ground (wrestled with his son. When his daughter studied singing he wanted to sing along too. Would he teach his son kung fu? He said that for now he has not had the time. He would first let him come in contact with it with an instructor. He also said that once he and his son were playing MMA, his son almost choked him out. However he was rather happy to get close to his son like this. Would he support his son to become an action star? He said, "It's too early to say, but I won't eliminate this possibility."

Chin Kar Lok was the Hong Kong Stuntman Association president. He said that two nights ago a 86 year old first generation stunt actor attended. Kar Lok thanked Chan Tak Sum for giving the most effort to the association. Chan Tak Sum said that because a production assistant had an accident on his set, he paid particular attention to stunt actors. H said that now around HK$ 3 million has been raised with more to come. Kar Lok said that to add transparency, he has already invited Ng See Yuen and Cheung Tung Cho to be in charge of this sum. They would have to account for and approve every cent. Chan Tak Sum said, "I am very happy. Mainland's Huang Xiaoming, Taiwan's (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen, (Stanley) Tong Kwai Lai, (Janice) Man Wing Shan, (Barbara) Wong Chun Chun and others all have donated money." Speaking of Shu Qi donating more than Andy Lau Tak Wa, Chan Tak Sum said that he did not want to talk about that. He did not want to be divisive since everyone meant well. Bai Bing said that earlier she attended the London Film Festival and the response was good. Foreign media thought that she was an action actor. She said, "Actually this time I trained for three months before the shoot. It was beyond tough." She said that although her husband's heart ached, he still supported her acting.

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