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Sharon Hsu and Candy Yuen both have sexy performance in the new film
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Candy Yuen Ka Man yesterday promoted her new film with Sharon Hsu Wei-En in Tsuen Wan. Two actors who played zombies accompanied them. Yuen Ka Man admitted that later she will perform in the buff in Wong Jing's new film but denied that she took the initiative to stick to Louis Koo Tin Lok. She was not familiar with him at all. She only loved the toy models that Goo Jai collected.

Yuen Ka Man in the new film played a female warden. In one scene she wore a tailored leather costume and whipped Andy Tien (On Chi Kit). She said that the film performed well at the box office she would not mind wearing it for Halloween again. She also said that the scene left red marks all over On Chi Kit's body. Thus after the beating she hug him and said sorry. Luckily he did not mind, but she worried that she might suffer retribution. Speaking of her fully nude performance in the upcoming Wong Jing film, she at first only said, "During the shoot I will be naked, but how it will turn out I don't know. I haven't worked with this director before, I don't know how it will be edited." Later she finally confirmed that it will be an all nude performance.

In addition, she was rumored to have taken the initiative to stick to Goo Jai. She said that she did not understand why such a rumor would appear. Although Goo Jai produced NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING), they did not have any exchange. This year they have not even said a word to each other, but she rather admired Goo Jai's model toys and hoped that he would show them to her again. She was said to demand star make up artist Zing for her make up? She denied and said, "No, I too want him for my make up. Actually eight years ago I modeled at Zing's school, so now his student does my make up because we are more familiar."

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