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Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou
Shawn Dou, Choi Si-Won, and Eddie Peng suffer the drastic Inner Mongolia temperature difference
Carlos Chan
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Eddie Peng
Choi Si-Won
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Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin's film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) went to the western Inner Mongolia and one of the four great deserts of China, the Tengger Desert. Four leads Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Shawn Dou Xiao, Choi Si-Won and Carlos Chan Ka Lok were excited about being able to ride their bicycles on the desert highway; yet the almost daily temperature difference between zero to 30 degrees Celsius made them suffer a lot. Thus as soon as they returned to Shanghai they celebrated!

Peng Yu-Yen two years ago worked on a costume series on the Tengger Desert, thus he was very familiar with the location. The experience however was different. He said, "Before I was in a battle in heavy armor in the summer heat, this time I had flimsy bicycle uniform on the highway in the cold autumn. The longer I rode the colder I got, the contrast truly was too strong." Dou Xiao last year almost spent a year in Inner Mongolia for work, so he understood the horror of the northern desert very well. Choi Si-Won arrived two days later than the rest of the cast due to his concert, as soon as he arrived he complained to the director and other actors, "I really miss Kaohsiung and Kenting! The sunshine of Tainan was very comfortable!"

The strong ultra violet ray of the desert left many on the team with sunburn and peeling in a short time. Yet Choi Si-Won left the team early due to a neck injury before sunburn, luckily his injury was too severe. Chan Ka Lok worked on a movie for the first time on a desert, and he was very excited. Because of how tough the bicycle scenes on the desert were, when the team went to Shanghai Peng Yu-Yen immediately took the team to dinner. He even recommended special trademark ice, peanut ice and mixed ice. Everyone joked, "The ice truly tasted much better than the sand!"

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