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Shaolin descendant Shi Yanneng has no difficulty playing a martial art expert
Shi Yanneng looks forward to working with Donnie Yen
Shi Yanneng jokes that his junior colleague Wang Baoqiang's golf skills are better than his kung fu
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The Emperor new film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) earlier at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology held a forum. Director Teddy Chan Tak Sum and the "Hong Kong Stuntmen Association president Chin Kar Lok, veteran action directors Yuen Cheung Yan, Tsui Chung Shun, Leung Siu Hung and others shared their experience with the students and announced that the new film will hold a charity premier on the 28th to raise fund to help members who are injured on the set.

Henan Mount Song Shaolin Temple's 32nd generation disciple Shi Yanneng in 2000 with the Stephen Chow Sing Chi film KUNG FU HUSTLE joined show business. His agility left a deep impression with the audience, his kicks were even his gold label. With continuous work in the business, he even starred in the real kung fu film THE WRATH OF VAJRA and received many good reviews. Earlier Yanneng was able to take part in the Emperor Motion Picture KUNG FU JUNGLE and played a martial art expert. He had a fight scene with villain Wang Baoqiang. Wang Baoqiang's viciousness was very different from his usually silly image. Yanneng said that Wang Baoqiang's kung fu base remained decent. "He and I are both Shaolin disciples, he is my junior colleague so his martial art of course is decent. However, I feel his golf game is better than his kung fu! (Does he give people the impression of being a little dumb?) Then they are fooled, he is a very smart person. This collaboration was very pleasant. We both hope to have a chance to work together again!"

The film's lead actor is Donnie Yen Chi Tan, but this time Yanneng did not have any scene with him. Yanneng said, "Because in my part the action director was (Stephen) Tung Wai, I didn't have a scene with Chi Tan in the entire shoot. I hope to have a chance next time! (Chi Tan in recent years has attracted trouble.) I have no problem working with him. I feel that if a person is kind, everything looks kind; if a person is mean, everything looks mean. Let go and be kind, and the world will be better!"

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