Saturday, October 18, 2014


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Best Actress Kwai Lun-Mei earlier was said to be facing a career low tide, making many worry about her. Yesterday sh attended a mobile phone app event in Taipei and agreed with what her friend Joseph Chang said, "Low tide is good." She revealed that she is great now and has already prepared for new roles.

Siu Mei this year with BLACK COAL, THIN ICE received her third Golden Horse Best Actress nomination. She stated that this film has brought her a lot of surprises. The film was shot in ice and snow, displaying her perseverance and certainty toward the film; as for this year's strong competition that included Gong Li, Tang Wei and Vicki Zhao Wei, she said that she thanked the Golden Horse Award for honoring her again. To be nominated with so many actresses she admired, she felt that it was already a great recognition for her.

As for her boyfriend Leon Dai's Best Supporting Actor nomination with SEX APPEAL, will they walk the red carpet together? She said, "I look forward to walking with the BLACK COAL, THIN ICE team more, ultimately it's very rare to see them in Taiwan." Speaking of marriage plan, she said that she would definitely announce this types of plans. So far everything is good.

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