Thursday, March 2, 2023


Louise Wong and Gin Lee share their skincare experience
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Louise Wong Dan Nei, Gin Lee, Jessica Jann Kei Ching and Nicola Yeung Cheung Sun Yui yesterday attended a skincare brand event. Wong Dan Nei joked that she was no longer young and had to work even harder to care for her skin, especially when film productions already used high definition cameras. She would bring enough of her own personal skincare products to the set for maintenance before putting on make up.

Wong Dan Nei lately has already been working on her new film. She would play a bold character and hoped that it would bring the audience freshness, but she said that the film company would have to keep the male lead confidential. He would be taller than her. She said that actually many actors were taller than her. Her past male co-stars have not complained much about her height. Wong Dan Nei is 178 cm tall. She said, "When I get up this is my height, but in the afternoon I would be 2 cm shorter because of gravity. Many people would be 0.5 cm shorter, but I would be a little more shorter. A costume designer took a ruler and measured me once, I really was 2 cm shorter. I have suggested shooting in the afternoon or at night would be a little better!"

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