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Ronald Cheng praises Edan Lui for having a more precise grasp of his acting pace, which is a huge improvement

Edan Lui plays the explosive son in OVER MY DEAD BODY
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Edan Lui Cheuk On after CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT) in the new film OVER MY DEAD BODY (SI SEI SI SEI SI SUP SEI) again played father and son. The two this time held back their comedic image, and treated each other like enemies and prevented the other was invisible. For me they still had no problem. Ronald praised Edan's grasp on controlling the pace as precise; Edan said that he already treated Ronald like Dad, so during the shoot he had no worry. In real life, Ronald said that he was both a strict and a kind father, valued communication with his children as they would talk about anything and everything; Edan felt that no matter how the family would argue, in the end they would be fine.

Ronald felt that the biggest difference from working with Edan this time was not being able to look at him while speaking. In addition whenever he spoke, Edan would talk back to him. Actually it was a lot of fun, when they achieved the results they wanted they had quite a sense of satisfaction. Edan joked that in the script he had to sass Ronald, so he was not nervous at all. In addition they have worked together on CHILLI LAUGH STORY, he already treated him like Dad so he had no worry. Instead he would make suggestions. Would they get into their mood of dispute and deliberately make no exchange on the set? They chuckled and said, "Absolutely not! We were still laughing before the cameras rolled." Edan revealed that Ronald was still telling bad jokes during rehearsal, but as soon as the production began he would be in the mood. Ronald also said that in comparison to CHILLI LAUGH STORY, this time from working with Edan he discovered another advantage: rhythm. Whether with talking, movement and hitting their marks they have done very well. "For example we shot some scenes when they weren't looking at each other, actually we were next to each other so we would see each other very easily. However Edan had no problem and was very accurate with his mark." Edan said that maybe he and Ronald were well matched, so they had chemistry.

Have they had "big blow outs" with their family in real life? Edan admitted definitely, because in front of his family he would let his realest emotion erupt the easiest. "Ultimately young people and the previous generation would have a little generation gap and different ideas, sometimes maybe our ideas are different, when our tone isn't good the more we talk the madder we get. Then it turns into an argument. (How would you fix that?) When I was little I would write 'sorry' notes and slip it between the door into my parents' room; as an adult, maybe after a day or two everyone would pretend nothing happened. The magic of family is no matter how we argue, in the end we are fine." Ronald said that when he was young, he would argue over the smallest things with his family. For example his friends' curfews were 11:30 PM but he had to leave at 10PM. If he got home late then arguments would ensue. Now he is father, he understood that children had to follow discipline training from the start. "For example now when they have school, they had to be in bed at 9:30 PM. Even if they aren't asleep they still have to be in bed and turn off the light. I know they don't like it, but at least they know there is discipline."

When asked how he would get along with his children, Ronald said that they would talk about anything and everything. "When I was little, Papa was very busy with work so we rarely talked. When I became Papa, I especially valued talking with my children and understanding what they are thinking." Ronald admitted that he was both a strict and a kind father. In politeness and responsibilities he would be stricter, but when he played he could be very crazy. "I wasn't allowed to jump on the bed at home, now when my wife isn't home I would 'fight' with the children in bed for 5 minutes. (Have the children inherited your sense of humor?) No, they are more interested in music, but they really like to listen to jokes."

Their new film OVER MY DEAD BODY talked about the mortgage issue. Has Edan had any plan of buying homes like his group mate Keung To? He said that right now he has a place to live, so for now he would not have such an idea. In addition home prices are truly too high. "I have thought about moving, hoping for the whole family to move into a bigger place. However if I buy the number really is astronomical. If you ask me I would rather rent." He said that instead of putting all the money on the home, he might as well invest it. Perhaps he might make enough from investments to cover the rent. Has Ronald already made preparation for his children, so they would not have to worry about a home in the future? He said, "No, if you want a home they would have to buy their own. (Do you feel this generation of children would have a tough time?) That would depend on what they need. If they want to buy a home, I can help them set a financial plan. Actually now I am already doing that. When they do chores at home, I would reward them. If they don't finish they lose money."

Edan in the film had to drink his sorrow. He said that was a harder scene to play because after he got drunk he had a lot of dialogue. In order to be closer to the condition, he asked the team to buy him a bottle of whiskey. However after two shots he still felt nothing. He joked, "My tolerance isn't bad, I haven't been blacked out drunk or unconscious. I never even puked from it, but normally I wouldn't drink a lot. I might be born with the tolerance." Ronald said that becoming a father he drank less, usually at celebrations or birthdays he would had one or two drinks. He even turned down friends to go drinking. Edan praised Ronald for being a family man, as he constantly talked about his children.

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