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The all new hacker action crime film CYBER HEIST (DUEN MONG) has been slated for a March 9th release, starring the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Gordon Lam Ka Tung. They were guests on Carol Cheng Yui Ling's radio program WHEN I WAS YOUNG I LISTEN TO THE RADIO and shared their production experience. Sister Do stated that she would interview Ka Tung at least once every year. Instead with Sing Sing it has been a very long time, so she was extra happy about being able to make this interview happen.

Sing Sing said that CYBER HEIST was made during the peak of the pandemic, and repeatedly experienced work stoppage. For everyone the production had certain difficulties. This time the script drew in him since he has never played this type of characters. He said, "Playing a genius internet security chief in the film, I rarely use computers in real life. However I had to show that I really understood computers, like how bugs came about, building a firewall and writing programs." For him the entire story and the production method were rather fresh, especially using the internet forest to represent the internet world. The entire thing was put on display with dimensions. Playing Sing Sing's superior, Ka Tung played a villain. In the film he had a younger brother with health problems, at work he started to get greedy and went down the wrong path. He pointed out that the team with the contrast of light and shadow and transparent masks to explain the "dark web", which was also surprising and shocking.

When Sister Do asked which scene was the hardest to make, Sing Sing stated that CYBER HEIST for him had a lot of fight scenes. He said, "Aside from fighting Ka Tung I also had to fight his subordinates, I had to fight and run. From the ground floor I fought to the fourth floor, then was tossed and had to roll down the stairway. The worst part was I fought for a full week. After the shoot the old shoulder wound was infected again. Even when I went home I had to walk slowly, my legs did not seem to be mine." Ka Tung on the night before the fight scene shoot was injured on the set of another film. Even the bridge of his nose was swollen. Claiming to be a "constantly injured man", Ka Tung said that with the injury he wore winter clothes and fought with Sing Sing in a very narrow space under a bed. He hoped viewers would greatly sense this scene as a tug of war of power and love.

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