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Mike Tsang likes Leslie Cheung SOMEONE WITH HEART the most
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Mike Tsang

Andrew Yuen, Candy Cheung (Man Suet Yee)
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Mike Tsang Pei Tak, Candy Cheung (Man Suet Yee), Andrew Yuen Man Kit, internationally renowned designer Alan Chan Yu-chien and choreographer Chris Choi yesterday attended the "Timeless Leslie Encounter" forum and remembered "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing on the 20th anniversary of his passing with "Gor" fans. Tsang Pei Tak performed Gor Gor's song WHO CAN RELATE and said that the first time he came in contact with Gor Gor's film was watching his film ROUGE in secondary school. At the time because he was young he only thought the color and the story were very pretty. After growing up he finally understood what Gor Gor and Sister Mui (Anita Mui Yim Fong)'s characters were thinking in the story.

When Tsang Pei Tak spoke with the media, he said that his remake of WHO CAN RELATE has had many new arrangements and an interpretation from a new angle with electronic style; remaking Gor Gor's song certainly was stressful because it was too classic. He hoped that no one would not make any comparison whether they would like it or not, mainly it was a tribute. He said that before getting into the business he has always sung Gor Gor's songs, especially his favorite SOMEONE WITH HEART, which was also a must sing song when he was a wedding singer. He continued to learn from the elders and Gor Gor's interviews that Gor Gor was a very professional person who would put 100% passion into his work, but privately he was also a fun and playful person. When everyone spoke of Gor Gor, they would always have a smile on their faces. He sensed Gor Gor's magic and charm that was able to affect those around him. He hoped that he would be able to do that as well.

Gor Gor's friend and internationally renowned designer Chan Yu-Chen in the 80s designed many album covers and promotional posters for Gor Gor. The SIDE VIEW album cover photo sample that he designed for Gor Gor was on display at Olympian City. Yesterday he even brought the STAND UP record to share with everyone. "I designed Gor Gor's image for many years, after working together many times he gradually suggested even more ideas to me. Gor Gor had great taste, a very tasteful superstar. The communication and collaboration between us have always been very pleasant, to this day I still miss his charisma."

Turning from colleagues to good friends with Gor Gor, Candy Cheung (Man Suet Yee) also spoke about her time with Gor Gor in her youth and brought a handbag that Gor Gor gave her. "I have known Gor Gor since 1978, when we worked together on THE SPIRIT OF THE SWORD (YUEN FA SAI GIM LOK). At the time a group of young people after work would go to one of their homes for a pot luck party. Occasionally they would also meet to play mahjong. How well Gor Gor treated us would always remain in my heart."

Chris Choi was Gor Gor's concert choreographer. He mentioned that Gor Gor at work was very serious and cautious, seeking perfection in each performance. He did not want to give any room for others to criticize him, but Gor Gor privately also had his tender side. "Gor Gor would remember my birthday, for three years in a row he gave the same series of crystal -- which was quite a pleasant surprise for me." Gor Gor's birthday present crystal series to Chris was also in this exhibition.

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