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Directing his first feature film, Ka Sing Fung says the most difficult is the grasp of time and handling problems big and small.

Sammi Cheng and Alan Luk have brought life to their roles, which surprises even the director

Sammi Cheng in LOST LOVE lets go of her Heavenly Queen baggage and glitz, and receives a Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress nomination
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The Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Alan Luk Chun Kwong starred, Ka Sing Fung directed film LOST LOVE (LAU SHUI LOK FA) has foster family as its subject. It is a "First Feature Film Initiative" assisted film. Ka Sing Fung felt that the most difficult part of making his first feature film was the grasp of time and the problem of handling different people and events. He hoped through the film people would know even more about foster family. Working with Heavenly Queen Cheng Sau Man, he once worried that he would not be able to master it; but after awhile, Cheng Sau Man gave him 100% trust and put him at ease. As for unable to compete for the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Director with LOST LOVE, Ka Sing Fung admitted that he was disappointed but was confident that Cheng Sau Man would win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress.

LOST LOVE was Ka Sing Fung directed, and written with his wife Law Kam Chui. Starring Cheng Sau Man and Luk Chung Kwong, the film's subject was foster family. Ka Sing Fung revealed that at first he only wanted to write a movie about family. "My wife and I have a daughter, from her we got a lot of inspiration. We wanted to make a bidirectional movie between parents and children. Later I met a friend who was once a foster child. From him I learned about what was a foster family. Although the foster child and my daughter are both children, their fate differed drastically. I thought this subject was great and could be made into a movie. In addition Hong Kong film has never made a movie about foster family." Ka Sing Fung hoped through LOST LOVE even more people would understand foster family.

LOST LOVE was a "First Feature Film Initiative" sponsored film. Making his first feature film, Ka Sing Fung said that the pressure was great. The most difficult was the grasp of time, and handling problems big and small everyday. He said, "In 2018 I made a Fresh Wave short film, the entire team had over 20 people. Even smaller productions with only several people I have done as well, but making a movie with 40 to 50 people everyday at work, the more the people the more the problems. Everyday I had to resolve different problems, I truly didn't have been busier. The grasp of time was also very important, because on a film production every second and every minute was money. Any last minute changes would sacrifice the scenes that came after, 3 takes might only turn into 2 left. Thus some scenes might not be very satisfactory, like interaction with the children. However in the post production editing we already make cuts big and wide."

Ka Sing Fung felt that this time was a great experience. "Although it was very difficult and painful, the result was something that a short film couldn't give. Because film's capacity is larger, the message I want to bring out can be even more detailed and fuller. Thus it is worth it." The film opened on March 2nd, the response and the word of mouth have been good. He felt comforted, but he was the happiest that the minor details that he did not expect viewers to be able to see were seen. "Viewers now watch movies very intricately; What I didn't expect them to see, they have seen. They even asked me about the meaning of the flower. Did the children's gesture or words have another meaning? Some viewers after watching once were already very in-depth. I was happy not because they praised me, but they praised the right spots. They saw the minor spots that were not easily observed."

Speaking of working with Heavenly Queen Sammi, Ka Sing Fung admitted that at first was worried that it would be difficult to master. Ultimately Sammi has deep acting experience and might have her own ideas. However after coming into contact, all worries were swept away. Sammi instead made him feel the most at ease. "Whether it was at first studying the script, to discussing each scene on the set, she trusted me very much. In the end my decision would be final. Perhaps because before the cameras rolled there was already a complete script, everyone communicated very clearly and had a very strong mutual understanding. When we got to the set we only made a minor adjustment." Aside from Sammi's outstanding performance in the film, Luk Chun Kwong who played Sammi's husband also performed just right. Even Ka Sing Fung was pleasantly surprised, saying that their film experience was rather different. He once worried that they would not be compatible, but in his heart Luk Chun Kwong is a very experienced actor. Although he was not used to making movies, he has worked on many series and left him quite a deep impression. He said, "Luk Chun Kwong's acting doesn't have much trace of acting. He would perform very naturally. This is what is attractive to me about him. He is very suitable to play the role of Sammi's husband."

LOST LOVE received three Hong Kong Film Awards nominations, including Best Actress, Best Costume and Make Up Designs and Best Original Film Song. However it was not nominated for Best New Director. Ka Sing Fung said that this year indeed has had many outstanding new directors. Their work has been very excellent, including THE SPARRING PARTNER (JING YU WUI LONG)'s Ho Cheuk Tin, THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (BAK YUN CHING CHUN)'s Lau Kwok Shui, WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI)'s Ng Yuen Fai, THE NARROW ROAD's Lam Sum and TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM)'s Sunny Chan Wing Sun. Would he feel any regret? Ka Sing Fung admitted that he was disappointed. "I wish them well. (Who would you pick to win Best New Director?) All the nominated directors I really like, it's very hard to say. " He was full of confidence in Sammi winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress.

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