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Wu Jing studies hard to avoid being eliminated

Emperor chair Albert Yeung (second left) and Alex Yeung (second right) 
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Wu Jing and Andy Lau further elevate their relationship
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Andy Lau and Wu Jing share their THE WANDERING EARTH II production experience, the process of which has both laughter and tears.

Director Frant Gwo, chief producer Fu Ruoqing, Andy Lau and Wu Jing thank the audience for their support

Andy Lau and Wu Jing have to play their roles from their 20s to their 50s.  When Wa Jai asks the director how would he play the younger version, the director says he has his ways.  Hence Andy Lau relaxes and performs
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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jason Wu Jing, chief producer Fu Ruoqing and director Frant Gwo yesterday attended their film THE WANDERING EARTH II's behind the scene forum. Emperor Motion Pictures' chair Albert Yeung Sau Sing and vice chair Alex Yeung Ching Lung showed their support in person. The exchange revolved around four major themes: Dream and Fantasy, From THE WANDERING EARTH TO THE WANDERING EARTH II, Running Toward Unknown Space of Imagination and Reality's Far Reaching Wish. Wa Jai even revealed that Wu Jing intended to make him a director. Wa Jai wanted to form "Jing Wa One Dream" with Wu Jing for a concert.

Promoting THE WANDERING EARTH II in Hong Kong for the first time, Wu Jing greeted everyone as soon as he reached the stage, "Long time no see, Hong Kong friends!" He stated that before making WANDERING he had no concept of science fiction films, because China did not have this type of special message. However if this subject was not made it would be forever behind. Thus he took this step to explore with curiosity, reaching the results today was not easy at all. He was very grateful to the audience for the support. He continued that after making WANDERING he also thought that it was very fresh and fun, but joked that actually he was very afraid of science fiction films in his youth. Because if technology would replace martial arts, he would be unemployed; however if he did not keep up with the pace, he would be eliminated as well. Thus he kept working hard to learn.

When the host asked whether the success of WANDERING 2 within expectation, Wa Jai immediately nodded while Director Gwo pointed out that he once thought that he would not be able to exceed the first film. He spent half a month before the production began to build himself up mentally. Wa Jai joked that when the director first invited him to perform, he already said that of course he would be interested. Later when he learned that the role would go from his 20s to 50s, he asked the director how to play the young version, then followed the director and went into production "baffled". Wa Jai also joked that he thought after WANDERING the production would have matured, he never thought that it would have new troubles. He too had to learn from the start like a student, and thanked the boss for the support. As for the most difficult part of the production, Wa Jai said that whenever he left home for awhile he would miss his family a lot, so during the shoot he asked to commute between the mainland and Hong Kong. In particular with the pandemic at the time each time he had to be in quarantine for 21 days. He would see Wu Jing and the director through a layer of glass.

Speaking of Wa Jai and Wu Jing's performance of the WANDERING 2 theme song, Wu Jing revealed first, "At the time I was really struggling, I thought I just got myself killed. I have sung with professional singers, but I didn't dare to sing with Wa Jai. In addition, for this song I studied singing for two days, recorded for a day, but the correction took two days; Wa jai only needed two hours to finish. For me, singing is too hard. I am better off jumping off buildings." Wa Jai said that he too have parts that he did not sing well in, and asked if anyone would like to listen? The host suggested for them to perform live. Wa Jai covered Wu Jing and joked that if everyone wanted to listen, he could consider forming with Wu Jing "Jing Wa One Dream" next year for a concert since Wu Jing had many songs he was good at anyway.

Some praised Wu Jing as a "film investment fengshui master", every movie he has invested in has become red hot. Wu Jing said, "If I am this amazing, I should become a fengshui master. I have just been very lucky that every filmmaker I have run into has been very sincere. Sincerity would be able to move the audience, and the audience would naturally reward that. When I sold my home to invest in film I had my wife's permission, now I have already bought the home back." Wa Jai followed, "The latest news I heard is that Wu Jing would invest in me to direct, this way I would be famous. He is the guiding light." Wu Jing also revealed, "Earlier we had dinner with Boss Yeung Sau Sing and Big Brother Jackie Chan, Big Brother suggested for us two to work together on a movie. I asked Big Brother who would direct, Big Brother said only Lau Tak Wa!" What kind of film would Wa Jai plan to make with Wu Jing and Big Brother Jackie Chan? Wa Jai joked, "Literary drama, they can really act, haha! Actually I just got the news. I am not yet ready to direct, I would have to think about it first."

In addition, Wu Jing and his wife have been called the top model couple in entertainment. Wu Jing said that he and his wife were not only husband and wife, but also good brothers and good friends. He was very happy to be able to spend the rest of his life with his wife, and joked that he had to treat his wife well. Otherwise in old age when he would be in a wheel chair, his wife would take revenge.

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