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Edan Lui's career has gone smoothly since he started, but he has not been satisfied as he keeps on looking for improvement in his singing and acting.

In his new film Edan Lui is very frustrated, often have big emotional blow ups
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Known as EQdan for his good temper, Edan Lui Cheuk On had the most friction with his family. At home he would become the "argument king". After making 3 movies about family, he also looked within and stated that he would properly examine himself. As for criticism for his singing, he admitted that his singing has not been good enough. Acting wise he did not want to be typecast either, hoping one day to be able to challenge a villain role!

Edan normally extremely rarely argued, yet he constantly has been cast as the noisy character with large emotional swings. In real life, he stated that he argued the most with the family he loved the most. "Because with family I hold back the least, very easily the tone could be bad and I could argue over something minor." Having worked on 3 movies about family in a row, he said, "Families in Hong Kong are generally traditional, they are not used to talking it out. From childhood to now I have really loved my family, but I very rarely tell them things about me in exchange. After making 3 movies about family in the past 2 years, I examined myself a lot more. Do I have to take the first step and the initiative to share what they want to know!"

In the new film OVER MY DEAD BODY (SEI SI SEI SI SEI SUP SEI), he played a ill tempered son who was like water and oil with his father. They often argued and emotions erupted like volcanoes. They would have to get loud and hit the wall to release their rage. Always full of sense of humor, for him playing a frustrated character undoubtedly would be a huge challenge. He said, "The character is very explosive, my EQ is pretty high. I would very rarely let my emotions reach the edge. However good temper doesn't mean I don't know how to yell at people. Instead I was afraid that being too explosive wouldn't be reasonable, I listened to the director's directions for the balance." In the film he had a long drunk monologue, which he originally planned to drink to help. However he only got sleepy and not drunk. In the end he still had to rely on himself for the performance.

In films Edan ran into walls at every turn, life did not go his way -- a strong contrast to his smooth development in real life. He said, "Smooth or not, it would depend on how you look at it. For now I feel things are going smoothly for Edan, very lucky to have a lot of opportunities." In his short career he already has many popular hits including MR. E'S SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, LITTLE COMEDY STAR, PROMISING YOUNG MAN, but his singing has been questioned. He said, "Of course I haven't been good enough, I really want to improve but I might not be able to do it right away. It needs time. I used to be very nervous when I sang, very worried about the performance; but the more nervous I got the worse I performed. This requires mental adjustment, it must be faced and need more hard work. On the stage I tell myself not to be scared, try to do my best. Everyone feels my singing might not be good enough, which is a fact. Some mishaps I had I would remember them, I need to break through this mental obstacle."

Edan on variety programs and acting also showed his comedic talent, but he stated that he did not want to typecast. He hoped to play more different characters, even interested in villain roles. "After OSSAN'S LOVE, even the comedy wasn't focused on me. So I really look forward to making a good comedy film, with role that I could play until I get my fill. At the same time I don't want to be typecast as those OSSAN'S LOVE, WE GOT GAME harsh and arrogant characters who thinks they are funnier than they actually are."

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