Friday, March 24, 2023


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The 77 year old veteran actor Stanley Fung Shui Fan has settled in Taiwan for decades. Earlier he attended the Joe Chien directed Taiwan film press conference and said that he did not like some of the comedies he took part in in the 1980s. He slammed Wong Jing, who directed the film series THE ROMANCING STARS (JING JONG JUI NUI JAI) and THE CRAZY COMPANIES (JUI GAI SUEN YAU). Fung Shui Fan said that those were not comedies, but outrageously rotten rotten films. Wong Jing made movies too absurdly and left many people in bad shape. He did not understand why so many people enjoyed them. He felt that those rotten movies he made were the shame of a lifetime. Years ago he already vowed not to make rotten movies, no matter how much money the offer was.

Wong Jing two days ago responded to Fung Shui Fan's comments. He posted Fung Shui Fan and Chow Yun Fat's photo from THE ROMANCING STARS. In the photo Fung Shui Fan's face was all twisted. Wong Jing wrote that someone was talking nonsense and suffering from persecutory delusion. He then proceeded to blast Hong Kong people in Taiwan, and people named Siu and To before responding to Fung Shui Fan. Wong Jing said, "Director Chien, please have mercy and let him continue his treatment. Using patients as actors save a lot, but it's still illegal."

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