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Adam Pak, director Jack Ng and Mak Chi Wan all hope for the original team to work together again

A GUILTY CONSCIENCE has become the 10th highest grossing film in Hong Kong, and has hope to reach number 9. 
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The Dayo Wong Tze Wa starred film A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG) after passing the HK$ 100 million at the box office still kept setting new records. After 41 days in release it reached 10th place among the highest grossing films in Hong Kong history, currently with less than 1 million before taking TOP GUN: MAVERICK's place in 9th place. A GUILTY CONSCIENCE's director Jack Ng Wai Lun said that with such confidence, yesterday he said that with such a performance, A GUILTY CONSCIENCE has injected a shot of confidence into the Hong Kong film market, given creators even greater space to create, and dramatic film the possibility of becoming a hit. He revealed that he intended for the original team to make sequel or work together on another script.

A GUILTY CONSCIENCE opened on January 21st this year. As of March 2nd after 41 days in release it has made HK4 106,729,277 and exceeded IRON MAN 3's record to reach 10th place among the highest grossing film in Hong Kong history. The film's director and screenwriter Jack Ng Wai Lun yesterday along with actors Adam Pak Tin Nam, Mak Chi Wan attended a "good counsel education show", enjoyed the film with the audience at the former North Kowloon Magistracy and participated in the after screening forum.

Ng Wai Lun said that being elevated to "over 100 million" director was unexpected. At first when Wong Tze Wa predicted that the box office would be HK$50 million, he daringly guessed HK$ 58 million. "At the time everyone thought that would be the spot, the brain couldn't even conceive the idea of 100 million. How would we think that it would go this far." He felt that the 10th place in the highest grossing film box office in Hong Kong has injected a shot of confidence into the entire Hong Kong film market. He said, "Because A GUILTY CONSCIENCE isn't a typical entertainment film, without any action, special effect, it isn't even a comedy. Who would have guessed that the box office would rise so high, perform so well, indeed it would expand the space for Hong Kong film creators to create even greater. Dramatic film has the possibility to succeed. (Are you confident to go even further and take TOP GUN: MAVERICK's place in 9th place?) Now the numbers aren't too far, I have confidence in going up another place."

Ng Wai Lun pointed out that the Mainland box office success was beyond any expectation, the happiest was the so many viewers would rather watching the Cantonese version for the authentic and original flavor. When asked whether he would follow up with A GUILTY CONSCIENCE 2, he said, "I am still considering it. I have a lot of confidence in both the cast and the crew, even if we don't make a sequel we could make another script. This collaboration has been very pleasant. I of course hope to be able to bring the original team back again. With so many good actors, if we would work together again but put them back in the same character, I would feel it would be a little regrettable."

Mak Chi Wan said that now he has become an "over 100 million" guest star. He was very honored to have made this film. "Everyone still remembers Mak Chi Wan. I haven't appeared on camera in 20 years." Pak Tin Nam said that during the A GUILTY CONSCIENCE table read, he already thought this was a very shocking story. He learned a lot from participating in this film. Both hoped to work with the original team again.

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